Unexpected Experience In Korea - Day 1 (03.06.2017)

June 11, 2017

There was the day I have been waiting for as we had landed at Korea. mixture feeling and I  have difficulty to sleep on a plane.  03 June 2017 marks an unexpected history for both of us in our journey. Not a smooth journey on the first day but we manage gone through.

Challenge accepted:-

1) The Air Condition in the plan is super cool.  We were shivering to the max although both of us wear long sleeve.  We have to stand for 6 hours on the plane.  Follow by our mouth dry and cracked.  Dehydration due to under a cool situation. Worst experience than travel to Japan.

2) Hubby smartphone decides to end up its life in Korea.  First time seeing hubby down after his phone drop to on the floor.  The screen cracked and phone can't restart.  Due to this, our itinerary runs off as he can't access his phone.

3) Help....Korean route more difficult and challenging than Japan 10x. Google Map don't work in Korea. Google map keep direct us use subway for a short journey (less than 200m).  End up we fed up with it and we decide to walk. Taking subway is not cheap as a single journey is 1850 won equivalent to RM7.40.

4) Clueless direction - The directory in subway station a bit confused to us. And some of the map Written in Korean Language. End up, we choose the wrong exit. I nearly yell on the map..Haiz

5) Half day plan has gone- Due to the exhausted and unexpected experience.  Lastly, we decided to check into the hotel and take a nap to recharge our body. Personal advice: Do more research regarding Korean Culture.

Alright,  I  should stop complaining now as I  don't want to bring back a bad experience in Korea. My initial plan still on-going,  Both of us need to rearrange with our plan.  Hubby got a backup phone because I usually bring two phone out.  Overall,  we manage to overcome the situation.  Tips, Korea Sim is super expensive.  Rent your WiFi in Malaysia before touchdown Korea.  But most of the place in Korea has free WiFi.  Plan ahead your trip to avoid poor Internet connection.

                                                  ~ Kamsahamnida ~

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