The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party @ Hello Deer, Damansara Utama

June 01, 2017

Good morning everyone. Hope you have a blast weekdays. Once again, Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project. The theme for the birthday party is pastel. #OOTD for the day is off shoulder blouse with Pink TuTu dress.

Credit to Ivy gan

Love this round environment as everyone looks so colorful. Tammy and the team surprise us with a big birthday box gift in a limited edition goodies bag. A big clap to Tammy and her strong team members.

On that day we take the opportunity to take pictures together. Thank you to Glitz & Glam studio booth for given us such a wonderful memory. Love the pastel backdrop and everyone looks good in the photo. If you would like to engage Glitz & Galam Studio Booth, feel free to browse their website at Check out my write up at here:

Photo credit to Eros Si

The Birthday party starts with a simple introduction from everyone. Our Butterfly community has grown from a small group into a big family. 

Photo Credit to Eros Si
This is what we have waiting for - Birthday Box Unboxing session. Sydney Lim has done a marvellous job as she patiently brief us regarding the products. Special thanks to the sponsors for making our day wonderful

Photo Credit to Eros Si
Photo Credit to Eros Si

This is my unboxing video. Hope I not too over with my expression. " Pattern Liaw Liaw" - Mean full of pattern in Hokkien slang. 

Congratulation to the winners for Best Butterfly Party Makeup and Best Birthday Unboxing Instagram Sharing.

Photo Credit to Eros Si

Photo Credit to Eros Si

I can't wait to try all the products from the sponsors and share with my readers. Once again Happy 4th Birthday to The Buttefly Project. May our butterfly community growing more. Hope to see more enthusiastic caterpillar join this fun family. Till we meet for next write up. 

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