Stay Refresh Within 24 Hours With Adidas Climacool Body Care

June 19, 2017

Age never stop me from staying healthy to maintain a better stamina. Always make the first move to spend more time for exercise. But I hate the sweating process and it makes me smell stuffy. And bacteria love to grow in the moist environment. Due to this, sometime we will notice unpleasant body odour.

Introduce Adidas Climacool shower gel, a breakthrough innovation in freshness technology: new climacool shower gel with move activated fresh capsules that release refreshing fragrance throughout the day.

Climacool shower gel using the new technology with the formulations and fragrances to suit sportsmen’s and women’s every need. Enjoy the fresh experience during shower as each shower gel’s fragrance has the same scent profile as climacool antiperspirant. And the fragrance capsules stay on our skin after the shower. I carry it with me whenever I go for outdoor activities. 

After the shower, just spray on Adidas Climacool Antiperspirant for long lasting dry protection and fragrance. Love this antiperspirant as it does not leave any yellow stain on the underarm area. Come in a small bottle whereby I can carry it with me whenever I travel. 

Thank you, Adidas for the sponsorship during The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday. More information regarding Adidas Climacool body care products, you may read on my previous write up by click at here.

~ The Best Body Care products from Adidas Climacool ~

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