Lock Up Your Memories In A Beautiful And Creative Album By Photobook Malaysia

June 15, 2017

Going through different stages of our life makes us stronger. And memories build along the road.  Keeping this happiest moment by printed it out in an album. There are so many things I want to share it with my family members and I choose Photobook Malaysia. 

Photobook Malaysia offers an irresistible deal whereby you can personalize your own album. Photobook Malaysia provides an easier step to customize your own album as you can customize it via Photobook App.

Step 1: Download Photobook App and it available on App Store and Google Play.

Step 2: Choose Simple Book and and the size of the album

Step 3: Start upload , edit and adjust your photo

Step 4: Make an order & checkout. Make your payment once confirm the mailing address and payment mode.

I receive my album less that 7 working days from Photobook Malaysia. Awesome service and I love the quality of the album.

Start customize your own album and I will provide some user code that share by Photobook Malaysia.

Use Code: 50FORALL (only applicable if you using Photobook App)

Use Code: SPRINGBLOOM (65% off for all photobooks) - Free Instacards for first 1000 orders

Hope you enjoy the great deal offer by Photobook Malaysia. Thank you Photobook Malaysia for the sponsor during The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday party. More information regarding PhotoBook Malaysia, feel free to browse their website at www.photobook.com.my

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