Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray - Longer Lasting Hydration With Hyaluronic Acid That Locks In Moisture

June 27, 2017

Face mist has become a must product in our beauty haul. With one spray, it gives a refreshing moment especially your tired skin. It helps to lock in moisture for the young and dewy skin. Compactly packed, they are fantastic perk-me-ups all year round, but with the hot season quickly approaching, a quick spritz becomes even more appreciated.

Eucerin® a brand that has been innovating dermatological friendly products, with more than 100 years of experience in medical skin science is now introducing the new Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray with 10 in 1 benefit and contain a unique formula that will boost skin hydration by 30x. Yes, it really provides hydration to my skin 30x. I do not even worry if I stay under air conditioner for too long.

What is the difference between normal water facial and Eucerin Aquaporin mist spray? Normal water facial spray evaporates quick, making skin even drier and eventually becomes sensitive while Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray is more than just a water. Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. It is able to restore water binding capacity and remain on the skin surface as it prolongs the hydration. By the way, Hyaluronic Acid effective for anti ageing properties. 

Beside this, Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray helps to brighten, replenish and soothe skin irritations. With Glycerin, the most effective humectant, it attracts water molecules from surrounding environment and holds on to them providing instant hydration to the skin. Users will also benefit from an innovative ingredient, Gluco-Glycerol, which is a blue-green algae extract and it is an effective ingredient in activating Aquaporins, the skin’s own moisture distribution channels that lies deep within our skin. The Aquaporins works from within to transport moisture between the skin cells and support skin’s hydration balance.

Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray is suitable for:

a) People on-the-go

Our skin tends to age faster when it exposes frequently to the sun and with the increase of air pollution over the years. A quick spritz of the Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray delivers a very fine mist provides an immediate soothing and refreshing burst of moisture to the skin.

b) Dry skin remedy

Due to the hot weather, we tend to stay indoor and most of the time we will prefer air conditioner environment. Our. With air conditioning, our skin tends to lose moisture causing it to become dehydrated and dull looking. Spraying Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray allows a skin to be reinvigorated, moisturised, smooth and radiant. A spritz towards mid-day is not just a good perk-me-up but also a layer to keep skin moist. 

c) Make-up users

The Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray when used daily by makeup wearers, the skin is plumper and dewy making it an ideal canvas upon which to apply makeup. Spraying the mist before application of makeup helps soften the skin as its fine mist easily absorbed into the skin. Completing the makeup application with the mist spray would help set the makeup, ensuring it stays long lasting.

The result is visible after using The Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray for more than 2 weeks. My complexion brighter and pore has become minimise. My skin more uplift especially the smiling line near my cheek area.

Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray retails at RM21.90 for 50ml while the 150ml for RM45.90. The Eucerin® Aquaporin Mist Spray is now available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

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