Apology Statement Regarding ' Legenda Cun Raya' Video from Watsons Malaysia

June 13, 2017

A sincere apology statement from Watsons Malaysia regarding ' Legenda Cun' Video after the 15 minutes video release on the social media in Malaysia. ' Legenda Cun' inspired by the Malay Legend Dayang Senandong made popular in 1965 movie, " Dayang Senandong". 

' Legenda Cun' features actor Kamal Adli, Uqasha Senrose, Raja IIla, Amber Chia, Thanuja Ananthan, Sasha Saidin, Najua P Ramlee, Afifah Nasir and Ruhainnies .

APOLOGY STATEMENT Caryn Loh, General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia WATSONS ‘LEGENDA CUN RAYA’ VIDEO 

Kuala Lumpur, 8 June 2017 – We deeply and sincerely apologize for our recent “Legenda Cun Raya” video which was released on social media in Malaysia. The 15 minute video was inspired by the Malay legend Dayang Senandong made popular in the 1965 movie “Dayang Senandong’. It was our intention to convey concepts of inner and outer beauty, unfortunately the video instead offended many. 

Regretfully, we acknowledge that the “Legenda Cun Raya” video is not in-line with the values that we hold dearly in Malaysia. Watsons Malaysia takes responsibility for the video and its content and is truly sorry that some elements have offended the general public. 

Watsons Malaysia following the feedback from the general public, immediately removed the video and we appreciate your honest feedback especially leading into an important celebration like Hari Raya. 

Moving forward we will continue to listen to the general public and our loyal customers. On behalf of Watsons Malaysia we humbly seek your forgiveness and deeply regret any harm that we have caused.

Please accept the sincere apologies from Watsons Malaysia. Customers and Watsons VIP Members still can enjoy discount up to 50% during Hari Raya period and further discounts on participating brands. To further heighten up the celebratory mood, a series of colorful pop art Raya canisters are available on purchase only from RM12.53 onward. 

On top of that, Watsons is giving away up to a total of RM20,000 worth of prizes and Watsons VIP points for 30 days from 15th June to 14th July 2017. Watsons VIP memebers who spend RM100 & above in Watsons store or Watsons online store will have auto entry to participate and stand a chance to win daily prizes from participating partners, including 60,000 Watsons VIP points. Winner will be announced every Tuesday on Watsons Malaysia Facebook.

Watsons VIP Members can take a look for exclusive members offer during Hari Raya celebration by visiting www.watsons.com.my/myrewards

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