The Butterfly Project Turns 4 X Jerlynn’L (Main Sponsor)

May 08, 2017

Photo Credit : The Butterfly Project

Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project and may the our community members keep growing. This year mark the 4 years, I have joined The Butterfly Project and I will keep support the community. Before proceed further, once again thanks the founder of The Butterfly Project, Tammy Lim. She has done a wonderful job and you have my full support to the community.

Photo Credit to Eros Si

Photo Credit to Eros Si

 This year dress code is garden themed party whereby the color code is yellow. Everyone dress up well during the party and the whole room look so yellow .  Oppssss….

Photo Credit to Eros Si

The birthday bash was held at Hello Deer, Damansara Utama and special thanks to our generous sponsor Jerlynn’l . Each of us receive birthday gift from Jerlynn’l worth over RM500. Short opening speech by Tammy before introduce Chin Yee from Jerlynn’l.

Photo Credit to Eros Si

Photo Credit to Eros Si
We were so excited to unbox the birthday gift from Jerlynn’l. The moment Dee Leonard gives us a green light to unbox, everyone were busy taken photo and do live video. This round, I partnered with Joanne Wee to do the live video for the unboxing part.

Congratulation to 10 winners as they win the best dress. The winners walk away with Jerlynn'l prize worth RM1000.

Photo Credit to Eros Si

History About Jerlynn’l

Jerlynn’l is inspired from a male Chidori bird which spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of safe place to build the family nest. The father bird will give his life to protect his family from predators. And just like the story, Jerlynn’l was created by a father to protect and provide daily care products for his precious children

Jerlynn’l is suitable for any range of age group and it offers a complete range of products from top to toe. Jerlynn’l is and environment friendly products and it safe to use on our skin especially baby. Jerlynn’l products are paraben free, use only high grade essential oil and each of the products go through the strict control of materials (start from the source to production).
Jerlynn’l proud to present their latest collection “Signature Collection” which protects you and your family from head to toe. Great products, right? The Signature collection contains 4x more Ceramide III than any other products in the market. Ceramide III can helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin. And at the same time improve skin elasticity. 

Signature Collection

Signature Body Wash 500ml x 2
Signature Hair Wash 500ml x2
Hair Conditioner x 1
Special Care product x 1

Signature Hair Wash 500ml (RM79)

The secret achieving and maintaining healthiest hair ever lies in how we care for our scalp. Jerlynn'L Hair Wash Scalp Care is extremely important for keeping my scalp healthy and nourished which makes all the difference to my hair in the long run.

Bug No More (180min- Plants & Herb Extracts) (RM49)

Bug No More is Jerlynn'L top selling products and it contains natural ingredients whereby it safe to use on baby skin. The natural extract ingredients such as Citronella, Spearmint, Basil, Lavender and Rosemary help to prevent bug or insect bites. Non-sticky and protect you from bug and insect that last for 3 hours. Is natural fragrance from lemongrass and easy to carry with me when travelling. It also contains Allantoin which acts as anti-irritant agents, at the same time smoothen the skin and promote wound healing. Thumb up to this products. 

Face Moisture - Soothing Cream (RM119)

If you have sensitive skin problem, Jerlynn'L face moisture is the solution. Light and natural ingredient that helps to soothe and moisture your skin. Is water based lotion and help to improve your skin elasticity. No presevartive and is safe to use on our skin. 

Daily Moisture Lotion- Plant & Herbs Extract (RM49)

Daily Moisture Lotion contains natural plants and herb extract with essential ceramide that helps to protect and soothe child's skin. Recommend age for children is 4 years and above. Feel the smoothness and soft of your child's skin. Absolutely safe for child skin as no alcohol content. 

It is easily distinguished by yellow bottles with colours labels. 3 clear colours: Blue for body use, green for hair use and red for red alert (which need adult’s supervision when using).

Special promotion for upcoming Mother’s Day as you get to purchase Mother’s Day Limited edition gift set and get free membership and personalized photo album for RM 228. Normal price is RM 715 and the offer valid from 25th April to 14th May 2017 at Jerlynn’l Mid Valley and Jerlynn’l SkyAvenue Mall, Genting.

Show this unique code JerlynnL17 to their personal care consultant to enjoy 20% off with purchase of any normal price items and experience hand paraffin treatment worth RM107.

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