Systema And Malaysian Dental Therapists Association Join Forces To Launch ' Love At First Brush'

May 05, 2017

Gum disease among Malaysian adults has increased to 94% within the last ten years. It is important for us to take good care of our gum. Japan’s No.1 toothbrush brand Systema from Lion Corporation Japan partnered with Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association (MDTA) with support of Oral Health (OH) embarked on “Love at First Brush” campaign. The main reason is to educate and at the same time create awareness of the prevalence and prevention of gum disease. This campaign able to help individuals identified the right toothbrush that caters to their brushing habits for an effective brushing.

Online research has been carried out with 500 adults by Systema. The age groups are between 15 to 19 and 25 to 55 on their knowledge of oral health, attitude and behavior toward their oral care. The results indicated that there is a lack of understanding on proper oral care and awareness on gum disease. 50% of Malaysians surveyed believe that gums bleeding during brushing is normal and 54% of them do not know what plaque, the major cause of gum disease.

During the ‘Love at First Brush’ campaign, public will be exposure to a video on “How to Prevent Gum Disease” which shows what goes inside the mouth if plaque bacteria are left unchecked on teeth especially along gum lines and in-between teeth. Follow by employing the right brushing technique and knowing the right areas to brush. I always believe a health gum start from the right toothbrush. To create more awareness, 10,000 Systema toothbrush dental kits contributed by Oral Health, Ministry Of Health Malaysia for dental nationwide. Dentists play an important role to educate patients on gum disease and proper way of tooth brushing. 8 out 10 Malaysians fall in love with Systema after the first brush. This has been revealed at ‘Love at First Brush’ campaign.

Mr. Naoyuki Egawa, R&D and Factory Director of Southern Lion presenting 10,000 toothbrush dental kits to Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah Ismail, Principal Director, Oral Health, Ministry of Health with Datin Zarina Abdullah, President, Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association
At the Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association (MDTA), we are firm believers that oral health plays an important role in the general well-being of people. Our gums are really the unsung heroes of our mouths as they hold the teeth in place. However, because they’re not the first thing we notice, they often go unheralded,” said Datin Zarina Abdullah, President of Malaysian Dental Therapists’ Association. 

Supported by OH, Datuk Dr. Noor Aliyah Ismail, Principal Director, Oral Health, Ministry of Health expressed that “Through campaigns like Systema’s ‘Love at First Brush’, we hope to see an improvement in the overall state of gum health in Malaysia. The education and awareness that we will spread, beginning at a patient’s young age, will continue in the right direction through this initiative”.

Opening speech by Ms. Christina Yong, Marketing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd
“Some of the insights show that while Malaysians do brush their teeth, they often tend to neglect their gum lines and don’t brush between their teeth, where plaque accumulates, leading to gum disease. The key to maintaining good oral health is to understand the purpose of brushing – to remove plaque. Selecting the right brush for your mouth is also essential,” said Christina.

The Reason I love Systema toothbrush? 

  • The toothbrush is designed with super tapered and slim bristles which are 3x gentle to our gum.
  • The toothbrush 40% better in cleaning in between our teeth.
  • The toothbrush is 9x better in removing plaque along the gum pocket.
  • Systema caters to individuals’ brushing needs and habits. Example: Systema Compact design with smaller head size and ensures detailed brushing all the way to the back teeth. While Systema 3D Clean with 5 multi-cleaning actions to clean all parts of the mouth and removes 63% of plaque better. 

Systema recently introduce Systema Pre-teen with bi-level ultra-soft bristles and compact head size for children aged 8-12 years old. It helps to clean uneven teeth due to the presence of both milk and permanent teeth. The designs may be different, they all have 0.02mm tapered soft bristles which are 3 times gentler than any ordinary toothbrush, making it easy on the gums.

“At Systema, we strive to bring a happier, cleaner and healthier living to all Malaysians by introducing products designed to change, improve and impact positively on the quality of life of Malaysians,” said Christina.

For more information on Systema’s campaign or to find your right toothbrush, visit

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