Khai Bahar Limited Edition Perfume Launching @Zebra Square

May 23, 2017

Malaysian, let's celebrate the latest fragrance ' Bayang by Khai Bahar' from Perfumes RISES in collaborate with uprising star, Khai Bahar as its ambassador.

Bayang has received a good feedback from youngster and Bayang is the result of inspiration teenagers' lifestyle and specially designed to reach out to Khai's growing fan in Malaysia and Indonesia. The behind story of ' Bayang' is based on Khai's personality who is always bubbly and stay active which suit best this perfume. 

'Bayang' is certified halal perfume by Jakim. It provides peace in my for Muslim and non-Muslim perfume lovers. ' Bayang' is ensured by compliance with Syariah requirements where the fragrance does not contain alcohol in ensuring' Bayang' remains safe to use on human skin and suitability for use in prayer.

" Our mission is to produce halal perfume and last longer and as the primary scent, we have incorporated Patchouli to give the unique scent and exotic of ' Bayang'. We believe, with Khai Bahar as the face of this perfume, 'Bayang' will represent the symbol to the active lifestyle so as to serve as an inspiration to his fans." mention by Ahmad Abd Wahab Shauqi, CEO of RISES perfumes. 

RISES alongside with Khai in Jakarta, Indonesia from May 15 - May 201, 2017 in conjunction with Khai's promotional tour. And this opportunity will promote 'Bayang' and RISES to another level in Indonesia market.

Bold yet modest, the limited edition 'Bayang' is available in 30ml EDP price at RM90 meanwhile the selection of other exclusive perfumes by RISES, priced at RM65. More information can be found at RISES website: .

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