Food Review: Mr Churro, The Best Churro In Malaysia @ Mid Valley Megamall

May 01, 2017

Is time for snacking? Why don't take a big bite on this crispy and hot churro? Churro has become my favorite food. Churro has become famous food in Korean and this trend has landed in Malaysia. Now churro has become everyone favorite. 

Mr Churro is featured as No.1 Churro cafe in Klang Valley. Mr Churro starts their operation back in January 2016 and located at Mid Valley. Mr Churro offers a wide array of churro that attracts everyone taste bud. Its churros are the best I've tried in the country.

Original Churro RM 5.50

I fall in love with their Original Churro. They've got the perfect crunch when dipping into thick Nutella, salted caramel or even strawberry. Churro is the best when it arrives in piping hot and actually stay delicious even after they've cooled.

Churro dip in Nutella sauce

Churro dip in salted caramel sauce

Ice Cream Churro RM 8.90

The churro create a perfect match when it pairs with soft serve. Together, it's blend of sweet and savory, hot and cold feeling. I love this type of feeling.

Churro with Green Tea ice cream

Churro with Vanilla Salted Caramel

Choco Crunch Churro RM7.90

Choco Crunch Churro makes me crazy the moment I take the first bite. Love the combo combination of fresh peanut with thick chocolate. Together, they create a perfect match to your taste bud. I personally love this churro so much.

Cookies & Cream Churro RM 7.90

Cookies & Cream Churro brings back sweet memories that draw a big smile on your face the moment you take a bite on it. Love the thick cookies & cream sauce that spread over the churro.

Let's me walk you through the process of churro behind the kitchen. Mr Churro always ensures high delivery of their churro to their customer. 

Give a try on their beverages and I personally love their Butterscotch Tea. Mr Churro offers 3 different type of drinks: Apple Limeade, Butterscotch Tea, and Mango Mojito.

Good news to my reader as Mr Churro will send one winner for Korea trip. Awaiting for their shout out in Facebook: . The contest will run in mid-May 2017.

Mr Churro Malaysia
LGK 03A, LG Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

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