#Throwback: PJ's Biggest Songkran Sky Festival 2017 @Stratosphere at The Roof

April 23, 2017

Sawade Ka ....Do you have fun during Songkran Sky Festival? This is the biggest Songkran Sky Festival happening at Stratosphere at The Roof. In this post, I going to bring you through my experience at Songkran Sky Festival. 

Don't even look down at my mini water gun. This smallest water gun is the most powerful gun and able splash off you . Lol.....

Are you ready for the party????? We are the Power Rangers. Be careful with our water gun. On that day, the weather a bit bad as it rain for the whole day but this doesn't stop the crowd having fun at Songkran Sky Festival.

The moment I enter the war zone, I been shoot by the water gun. No even has chance to fill my water gun with water.

When we sit down to enjoy the drink, suddenly random starngers appear from no where splash us with water. Even you step in dry zone, but you can't escape getting wet. Of course they get back from my mini water gun too. Ha...ha...ha...

The most precious moment is watching the nice sunset. This is the most beautiful sunset I have watched from Stratosphere.

The crowd getting fierce and crazy when DJs hit the floor with music.  Line up are the best music play by 8 famous DJs. You guy are rock. I was thrilled by the music.

This is my first Songkran and I will definitely back next year with my super BIG WATER GUN. Awaiting for my come back and thank you to Stratosphere for bringing all the fun to us. For more information, feel free to visit Strastosphere at The Roof : https://www.facebook.com/Stratosphere.TheRoof

*Photo credit : Sharon Lee, Stratosphere & Kesh
*Video credit : Eddy Rush

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