The Most Powerful Skincare From Korea - Ginkgo Natural

April 24, 2017

Flashback the write up regarding the launched of Ginkgo Natural through 11street. An origin product from Korean that bring into Malaysia market. Ginkgo Natural is one of the skincare product that highly recommend and it suit Asian Skin.

This round, I will review more regarding Ginkgo Natural skincare products. For your information, Ginkgo Natural is the brainchild of Charmzone, a renowned skincare and cosmetic manufacturer from Korea. I do admit Korean has tone of skincare and beauty products and Ginkgo Natural is one of my favorite skincare products.

Step 1: Cleansing

Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue 

Removing a makeup is a must step to ensure my skin can breath easily after heavy make up.  This is a hero product for Ginkgo Natural as it removes make up completely including waterproof eyeliner and tint lipstick. 

Product ingredient: Ginkgo Natural Cleansing tissue contain full of ginkgo leaves extract to keep my skin moisture, fresh and healthy. Using high embossing technology to develop ulta soft fabric that is gentle on the skin yet effective eliminate the fine dust between skin textures and skin wastes. 

Personal Review: Wipe off the makeup from my lip and eye area before proceed to the skin. I love the nice scent of the natural Ginkgo when wipe on the skin. The cleansing tissue remove my make up in a minute. The soft touch of the cleansing tissue, protect our skin from antioxidant and remove away my dead skin. 

Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Foam 180ml

Cleanser plays an important role in skincare to deliver a clean and healthy skin. Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Foam infused with Ginkgo leaves and certified herb extracts from mineral rich Jeju island. 

Texture: Light and soft cleansing form, deep clean and eliminate the remaining dirt that clog my pores. Is a cream type cleanser. Add in some water to create a bubble and softly massage around your face.

Personal review : This cleanser is suitable for all skin type and the Ginkgo leaves ingredient help to improve my skin blood circulation and leaving my skin more radiance and clean. The cleanser did not tighten up my skin and provide a moisture layer to my skin. 

Step 2 : Toner

Ginkgo Natural Skin Toner 150ml

Ginkgo Natural Skin Toner not only help to tighten up the pores but you will see your enlarge pores become small. Spray the toner on the cotton pad and then tap in gently on your face to let the toner absorb completely.

Product Texture: Water base toner. It gives a refreshing moment when apply on the toner.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Ginkgo Natural Emulsion (Day Cream) 130ml

Ginkgo Natural Emulsion gives a layer of protection to my skin from harmful environments and at the same time feed my skin with natural ingredients. 

Product Texture and ingredient: Contain 2 main ingredients, ginkgo leaf and persimmon leaf extracts that enable provide enough moisture to my skin . Light cream texture. 

Personal Review: It keep my skin hydrate all the time. The emulsion adsorb fast into my skin. Simple application as I just massage gently into my skin and give a pad to your skin for fully adsorption. Apply on day time before you put on the makeup. Improvement in skin tone after 3 weeks using. 

Ginkgo Natural Cream (Night Cream) 70ml

Wake up with more refresh skin early in the morning. Ginkgo Natural Cream gives a 100% recharge to your skin and maintain the moisture in your skin while you skin in resting mode.

Product Texture and ingredients: Formula with elm tree bark extract to plump up the skin and prepare the skin for better adsorption of moisturiser. A thick cream texture and slightly greasy.

Personal Review: I will advice to apply a thin layer on the your face as the texture is thick. It did not give a sticky feeling on your face and it helps to replenish the skin moisture when your skin start to rest. 

Step 4: Eye Care

Ginkgo Natural Eye Cream 30ml

How many of you apply eye cream? This step is important to prevent the formation of fine lines at your eye area. Our skin at eye area is the thinnest skin and don't apply moisturiser on the eye area as it will lead to oil seed. Simple reason: you have infuse too rich moisture to your eye. Ginkgo Natural Eye cream prevent fine lines at your eye area and at the same time brighten up your puffy eye.

Product Texture and ingredients: Light and watery texture. Contain sprout extract fills the skin around eye area with resilience it needs.

Personal review: Apply small drop on the eye area and massage gently using your index finger in clock wise . Tap gently at below the eye area to ensure the cream adsorb into the skin. My eye looks more glowing and say goodbye to the puffy eye.

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Experience the natural ingredients from Ginkgo Natural skincare and nourish your skin with the best skincare.

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