Memorable Honeymoon At Japan With iVideo Portable Wifi

April 13, 2017

Yeah, this is my first honeymoon trip to Japan after my marriage ceremony on 18th April 2017. I was so excited and did my preparation 1 weeks in advance. The opportunity came and I get to witness the beautiful Cherry Blossom (Sakura) in Japan.

Whenever I travel, I will ensure WiFi connection is strong. I don't want to bring maps with me when you travel. Too troublesome and the map wording is so small. Thanks to iVideo, my journey in Japan was smooth and the connection is strong.

How to place your order with iVideo?

Step 1 : Log in iVideo website: Sign Up for free with iVideo.

Step 2: Choose your destination and select the WiFi that you want to rent. Familiarize with the WiFi that you wish to rent before placing an order.

Step 3 : Click Rent and confirm the pocket WiFi that you want to rent.

Step 4: Choose your pickup location. You even can pickup from the airport when you touch down from the airport. The interesting part, you can request to deliver at any convenient stores or collect at Hotel. Fill up your delivery information and click next step.

Step 5: Choose your rental date and proceed to next .

Step 6 : Check the fee before make a payment. Shipping fee is included in the rental. You may read the booking procedure at Click checkout and make your payment.

How to return the Pocket WiFi?

iVideo will include a specific bag to you when you collect your pocket WiFi.

Just put in the pocket WiFi to the specific bag and send it to the nearest convenient store, airport or iVideo stores. Please refer to this link : for the pickup/return process.

Why I love to use iVideo?

Travel to Japan is a tough journey as both of us can't read or speak Japanese Language. With iVideo, we can get to our destination easier. Just connect your pocket WiFi to your smartphone and check your location using google map online.

Viewing Youtube will be more faster with iVideo. I did not face any internet interruption and I even can connect up to 3 devices using pocket WiFi.

Stay connected in Social Media with iVideo. You even can upload thousand and thousand photo in your social media with iVideo. Enjoy the unlimited access using iVideo.

Thank you to iVideo as I have the best honeymoon in Japan. iVideo always ensure I stay connected with the world. Calling back to your home country will be easier with iVideo.

Rent your pocket WiFi now with iVideo and experience the most memorable trip with iVideo. For more information, please browse their website at

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