Get Relief Now With The Pslove Pain Relieving Heat Patches

April 06, 2017

I travel frequently due to my nature a work.  Sitting to long in the plan make me experienced a sharp pain at my back. Hate the backaches feeling as it limit my movement and I having difficulty to sit straight.

Thanks to BackHeat,  it helps to relieve my backaches and reduce the back pain. BackHeat is non-medicated heat relief that provides a long-lasting comfort.
The heat help me to ease my pain and easily  to use.

Come in a seal packaging to protect the hygiene of the product.

 How to use

1) Tear off the packaging. Upon contact with air,  BackHeat will heat up on its own.
2) Peel off the sticker and paste onto your back.  Paste starting from middle of the patch and then out to the two sides.
3)  After every hour of use,  remove product for at least 5 minutes to let your skin rest.  Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns.

I love the warm moment and it trigger within 5 minutes.  It helps to relieve the muscle of my back and the heat last until 12 hours.  Please discard it after 12 hours to prevent the low temperature burn if you long period.  BackHeat is the latest product from the pslove company. Beside BackHeat,  the pslove company proudly present their successful product, MestruHeat.

MenstruHeat is a 100% natural heat therapy patch clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. the pslove company brand promise to provide comfort and relief to women in pain and you can trust in their brand.  For more information regarding the product,  log on to their website at Don't forget to try their new product,  neck & shoulder pain relief that give a good relief to your neck. 

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