Healthy Meal, Healthy Families Start with U.S. Potatoes

April 27, 2017

Eating potatoes is fun to me as I love to prepare potatoes in different way like steam potatoes, grilled potatoes or even bake your potatoes. You even can create potatoes as long you think out of the box. But choosing the right potatoes is more important.

U.S. Potatoes is quality potatoes that you can get it fresh in Malaysia market. The United Sates is a world leader in potato production and processing and can supply the very best product to meet consumer needs at a price that assures customer satisfaction. Potatoes USA is the marketing organization that would like to promote 5 main potato products: frozen potato, dehydrated potato, fresh table-stock potatoes, fresh chip-stock potatoes and seed potatoes. U.S potatoes offer unmatched quality, consistency and variety of potatoes. From Seed to harvest, the U.S. potato industry relies on experience and research to utilize the best production practices. Yet we can ensure the safety, quality and variety of the potato. 

Consumers are increasingly placing more emphasis on tasty yet healthy foods and F&B Business are adapting to these changes to suit the consumer lifestyle. U.S potatoes fit perfectly in this situation. Potato receive a high demand worldwide especially in F&B business. I love potato so much and it fit into my healthy eating lifestyle.

Create a healthy potato meal to promote a healthy eating habit. Potatoes not just good to eat but good for health. With just 110 calories, one medium skin-on potato provides 45% you daily value of Vitamin C and more potassium that need by our body. Potatoes also has good fibre that good for our digestion / bowel movement. Potatoes contain other vitamins and minerals and absolutely no fat and are sodium-free, gluten free and cholesterol free.

How to encourage kids to eat more vegetable? Mother can try a new recipes by mixing the vegetable with potatoes to healthy meal. More information regarding Potatoes USA can be browse at

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