Gogoprint, The Biggest Online Printing Company In Southeast- Asia

April 21, 2017

Anyone need a printing service for your business? Introduce Gogoprint, the biggest online printing company in Southeast-Asia. Gogoprint offers affordable prices , top quality of printing and best customer support before and after sales. By using Gogoprint, you able get your business cards, brochures, flyers and many mores to get printed. Gogoprint is now active in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and Gogoprint still expanding their business to other countries.

This is my first time using Gogoprint service and I find out the service is friendly user. I run out of my business card and I thinking to customize with Gogoprint. I will show you step by step how to order my business card with Gogoprint. 

How to order with Gogoprint

Step 1

Create your own account with Gogoprint

Step 2

Select the products that you love to order. As mention I going to order for business card.

Step 3

Choose the format and paper type for your business card. First time order from Gogoprint and usual what the paper type that offer Gogoprint. Scroll down and you can find information regarding business card.

Step 4

Scroll down to choose the quantity that you want to order . Remember to choose your delivery speed. And the shipping is free from Gogoprint. That is why I choose to customize my business card with Gogoprint.

Step 5

Finalize your option to ensure your order is correctly been choose before you make the payment. Proceed to checkout if the order is confirm.

Step 6

You are required to key in your mailing address before proceed to payment mode.

Step 7

The payment method offer by Gogoprint is wide as you can choose make a payment via Internet Banking, Debit/Credit card or Offline Bank transfer. Once the payment is successful go through, the system will prompt out and request you to upload your artwork for Gogoprint team to process.

Personal Review

To me Gogoprint is a new website to me but the order process is user friendly. And Gogoprint offers reasonable price for a good quality printing. Gogoprint offers free delivery and these ease our burden for paying extra for shipping. While for the artwork, you need to ensure you provide a clear artwork of your business card to able the team to process it immediately. Guideline has been provide and user been advice to use adobe illustrator. Gogoprint team would be happy to provide service/ advice if user facing difficulties create their artwork. 

For more information, you may browse Gooprint website at https://www.gogoprint.com.my/

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