THE PLANT BASE Nature Solution, The Best Anti Wrinkle Skincare Range

March 07, 2017

Discover the powerful of Bamboo (Plant Extracts Base) in skincare. Introduce Nature Solution skincare range by The Plant Base. Bamboo is effective in anti-inflammation, fever reducer, natural antibacterial effect as well as soothing and moisturizing. While in Japan medication, bamboo believes can treats various inflammatory wounds.

Discover the powerful of Bamboo (Plant Extracts Base) in skincare. Introduce Nature Solution skincare range by The Plant Base.

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water

Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water is double- layer type toner made of Bamboo and 14 kinds of natural blending oils to keep our skin moisture all the time. It also give a clean sheen by forming and oil barrier instantly. Skin feel more refresh, plump and hydrate. Indirectly it protect and prevent our skin from dry or formation of wrinkles/ fine lines.

Other benefits of using Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water.

  • ·         Balance Skin pH level and prevent skin problems by enhancing barrier.
  • ·         THE PLANT BASE’s patented ingredient for antioxidant and soothing effect.
  • ·         Safe for our skin as it did not content 10 harmful ingredients (Paraben, Paraffin, Pigment, Benzophenone, DEA, Silicon, Animal Material Raw, Mineral Oil, PEG and Surfactant).
Skin Type: All skin type and suitable for sensitive or acne skin

Texture: Clear and light texture. It also moist and silky

How to use: Ensure your skin is dry after washing. Shake well the Nature Solution Hydrating Bamboo Water before use. Take an appropriate amount on your palm or you may use soak on a cotton. Gently apply on the face and neck until it fully absorb. Tapping your face gently to ensure it absorbs into the skin.

Personal Experience: I love the natural scent of the smell and it easily absorb into my skin. Skin more refreshing and it helps to clear off my dead skin and gives a layer of protection to my skin.  

Nature Solution Skin Essence

Nature Solution Skin Essence boost up autogenic power of our skin with anti-aging oil drop essence. A carefully formulated botanical essence from blending 13 natural oils into intensive hydrating serum by using oil-drop technology to replenish the loss of moisture and nutrition in our skin. Skin able to gain back the elasticity and smoothness. A highly enriched natural anti-aging essence instantly covers the skin with an oil-barrier and provides a perfect solution for managing wrinkles, elasticity and dryness.

Skin Type:  Suitable for all skin type

Texture: Light green gel and the texture is moist and smooth.

How to Use:  Pump one or twice on your palm. Gently apply on the face. Massage upward to ensure the essence spread evenly on the face and absorb completely into the skin.

Personal experience: The nice scent of delicate citrus gives a refreshing moment. The skin essence is gel type and it absorb into the skin faster. No tighten effect and it has cooling effect. 

I love my young and healthy skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles.

THE PLANT BASE launched in 2005 and well know for their natural soap brand. THE PLANT BASE has been manufacturing 100% handmade natural soap and entered skincare business due to high demand from the customers. Since the beginning, THE PLANT BASE insists only hypoallergenic and high-performance products formulated with only natural plants and certified organic ingredients.

With 8 different ranges and 45 skin care products, THE PLANT BASE is exporting over 10 countries and 100 global stores. Even when became a leader in the cosmetics market, THE PLANT BASE has never stopped to research high-technology and new ingredients for healthy beauty. Seek true and healthy beauty through contribution to the society where we are belonging.

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More information regarding THE PLANT BASE can be found on their website and Facebook :

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