Event : Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai

March 08, 2017

A precious moment as we get to meet Liu Yen and Xiao Kai Guru that come all the way from Taiwan. The crowds cheering when Liu Yen and Xiao Kai Guru make a grand entrance to the stage.

 The workshop happen on 4th March 2017, 2 pm at One Utama Shopping Center. Media and bloggers were invited for the Beauty and Skincare Tips with Hada Labo.

I manage to check out Hada Labo skincare products before the workshop started. A beautiful set up of their booth and Hada Labo staff are friendly.

 During the workshop, Liu Yen and Xiao Kai Guru share with us the important to keep our skin Hydrate all the time. Both of them do a live demonstration on Hydrating lotion. Miracle outcome as both of the volunteer’s skin look more refresh and moisture after apply on hydrating lotion.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion able lock the moisture in our skin and penetrate deeply into different layer of our skin. Feel the smoothness of your skin after apply on the hydrating lotion. Say goodbye to your dull, dry or even pigmentation as you able to enjoy the youthfulness of your skin with Hada Labo skincare range. Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion reveal the secret of a beautiful and healthy skin. 

Why is it important to use Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion?
  • It helps to soften our skin for better absorption when apply moisturizer or essence.
  • Smoother our skin surface that make our makeup application easier.
  • Helps to regulate skin moisture to prevent skin being to dry or too oily.

Step on how to use Hada Labo Hydating Lotion

  •  Pour a sufficient amount of the lotion
  •  Apply on lotion over you face and gently pat for better absorption
  •  Lotion can be apply on neck or other dry skin area and pat it gently to give a moisture to the skin.

For more information regarding Hada Labo Skincare range, do visit their Facebook

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