Debut Of COCO Concept Store, A Japan-Inspired Fashion Co. In Johor Bahru

March 01, 2017

Congratulation to COCO Concept Store (A Japan Fashion Co) for  grand launch of their 1st store in Malaysia.  The grand launch happen at AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor on 23rd February 2017. 

" COCO concept stores which is a Japan-Inspired Fashion Co, founded by a group of young designers whose aim was to introduce a contemporary & minimalist fashion for men and women. COCO offers a variety of minimal-chic outfit for pretty much everyone, regardless of age" said Nicholas Chong, COCO chief Executive Officer. And on to the speech, " Soon we will be introducing more Japanese Streetwear line-up and lifestyle items, as well as mix of rugged workwear and Harajuku-inspired sportswear attires".

COCO's uniqueness lies in its casual yet fashionable styles with the modernity of Shinjuku versatile to be mixed & matched for easy and comfort fashion wear for various occasions.

The market demand of apparel and accessories have increased over the years. Fashion, apparel and garment retailers have generally enjoy substantial growth in sales around the world during recent decades. Leading American, Japanese and European brands opened large numbers of new stores in developing markets in Asia and elsewhere.

Of all the different nations and diverse cultures, Japanese fashion has taken the world and Asia by storm. The mass media has given rose to the phenomenon of Japanese street style. Where Japanese style was once traditional and restrained, it has since taken Western cultural references to the next level.

Street style Japan is characterized by extremely personalized outfits and a fearless embrace of bold, statement- making fashion. Many fashion designers now look to Japanese street style for the latest trends and it's inspired street style culture around the world to become increasingly creative and expressive.

For More information on COCO, a Japan Concept Store, please visit COCO's Facebook Page.

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