A New Force In South East Asia's Online Shopping Brand " Meiishop" Will Be Launching Soon

March 27, 2017

Meii Global is proud to announce the arrival of Meiishop in Malaysia. Thank you to Meii Global for extending the invitation to me. Meiishop is a brand new online shopping platform that will provide a new experience to the shopper. The soft launch of Meiishop is held at Aloft Hotel, graced by the attendance of honourable guests and artists such as Jyin Poh, Danny Wan, Jane Ng, Vinx Lim, Jovi Theng, Winnie Ho, Beauty Teoh and etc.

Meiishop is a unique and complete online shopping platform and the website expect to be launched online in this coming May 2017. Integrating the latest frameworks of M2C, BSC and O2O, Meiishop aimed to provide the most seamless and pleasurable online shopping experience to its users. Mr. Julian Seow, founder and CEO of Meii Global Berhad announced that Meiishop is fully equipped with multiple payment methods so that users are able to make payments with ease through various electronics channels or cash on delivery.

Meii Global also collaborate with imported brands in other Asian countries such as Thailand’s SHEENe, BSC, purecare, ARTY, Erb, Mistine, China’s AISILA dental care and hygiene products and Taiwan’s trend- setting fashion labels. 

Mr. Ryan Tay , one of the founders of Meii Global Berhad, presented Meiishop’s very own beauty and comestics line which is proudly developed and manufactured by Meii Global Berhad. Introduce “ Meii-V Lifting & Brightening Mist, Meii-S Moisturizing & Tightening Serum and the new health drink co-manufactured with Mfruit “ HiPH Water”. Ms. Janry Siew presented MeiiShop’s special label “ABT” (Artist Brand Tee). This is special collaboration with famous artists in Asia. The Artists are invited to design their own fashion items for charity and the first artist collaborator in ABT is Danny Wan, Malaysia famous singer. China’s Wang Bowen and Wei Yining will soon follow Danny’s step in contributing to Meiishop ABT.

Meiishop is set to become the biggest beauty, cosmetics and fashion online platform in South East Asia. It is not only a shopping platform but also a platform for entrepreneurship. It is equipped with an integrated logistics system, well defined and complete systems in joining, rewarding and business developing, reliable electronic payment system and fan-based marketing strategies. Meiishop is the perfect internet merchandiser or purchasing broker, sales agent and entrepreneurship. For more information, you may contact 03-7770 8366 or visit MeiiShop’s official Facebook page : www.facebook.com/meiishopasia.

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