February 09, 2017

Modern men today concern more about their appearance and how can they suit in a life full of challenges. In every situation, men loves to lead to top situation as their can feel the satisfaction in life. A great masculine fragrance is the invisible weapon to unleash the confidence and their personality. And success is when he is in control and enjoys every facets of life be it in professional, personal and social life – The ROMANO Man.

The ROMANO man is definitely second to none when it comes to his work. He’s self-assured, poised and in control in whatever he does. He commands attention everywhere he goes, with ease and grace.   Respected, unstoppable and on top of his game, a ROMANO man is truly the epitome of success.

His social life is always in full swing and he knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. An urbanite man who’s effervescent, outgoing and fun loving, a ROMANO man sure lives life to the fullest!

Play at life is his mantra to success,

The latest ROMANO Eau De Toilette for the urban men manifests that whiff of distinctive scent of a real man. It allowing the notes to stay on your skin for the longest period.  It is the ultimate trigger to every women natural reaction to notice and feel the presence of him in any room. This manly scent is the primal urge to activate the attraction especially the opposite sex as well as being able to create a common interest among men to connect.

ROMANO Eau De Toilette comes with two scents; Force and Unique to match the kind of contemporary man that you already are.

ROMANO Eau De Toilette – Force

It represents a top-notch man with his own powerful energy to lead and get things done. His success often times speaks for itself and he is effortless yet very impactful like the force of nature. FORCE exudes a refreshing Green scent that mimics the scent of nature. Its freshness is amplified by tapping on bitter citrus notes with an aromatic hint of lavender, intertwining with the sea nuances and masculine woods trail. This bracing, clean fragrance is designed for the active urbanites who is adventurous and free spirited.

ROMANO Eau De Toilette - Unique

For the self-assured man at his prime with endless potential and magnetism. Always at the forefront, he stays ahead in life. One of a kind and ignites others to connect and look up to his uniqueness. UNIQUE has an uplifting freshness built around lavender accords and zesty bergamot. The end note is an elegant woody combination of sandalwood and patchouli. This modern fragrance emanates magnetism, confidence and gives a distinctive aura to the man.

ROMANO EDT Fragrance is indeed that final touch of posh to complement your successful personality.

The ROMANO Eau De Toilette is retails at RM40.60 and is available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

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