Official Launch of Pawse For A Cause & A Dog's Purpose Preview Screening

February 23, 2017

Let put our hand together to protest against animal cruelty and at the same time increase the awareness among the public. Pawse for a Cause is making a comeback and will grace our shores with a second annual charity carnival this year. Mark your calendar as the event date set on 29th July 2017 at Desa ParkCity. The effort seeks to spotlight the plight of strays nationwide, raise funds for pet non-profits and educate the public on the Animal Welfare Act.

In collaboration with United International Pictures, this celebratory sequel launched in grand fashion yesterday during the premiere  of A Dog's Purpose at MBO Cinema, Citta Mall. A spacious venue beside MBO Cinemas is perfect for the launching. Citta Mall was choose as the preferred venue for this launch due to the mall's history of working with similar canine welfare organisations and its accessible location.

Seema Subash, Founder of Pawse for a Cause mentions " We choose to launch Pawse for a Cause in concert with the premiere of A Dog's Purpose because the message carried throughout the film deeply resonates with our mission. Speaking to the bond shared between dogs and humans, the movie's credo strikes a chord with us who ourselves are firm fans of our planet's fury friends. Animals deserve a good life and we strive to make that a reality for our country's own".

Review regarding A Dog's Purpose Movie

A touching story about Bailey looks to discover his purpose in life until he meets Ethan, the little boy that rescue him out from been locked inside a truck. He journey with Ethan started when Bailey always knew what to do to cheer Ethan up, and even helped an older Ethan approach a girl by pulling at her skirt.

As Ethan and the girl start dating, Bailey spends most of the time with them. As time pass by and Bailey could tell that his time was coming to an end. He is then returned to the world as a female German Shepherd who grows up to be a police dog. With each new life, he shows us how he learned a different lesson. Such a touching story and it makes me pull out some tissue to wipes off my tears. Overall, I would says I love the story line and Bailey has taught us about life . He makes feel want to protect him. They deserve a better life like us and show our love and towards animal. Say no to " Animal Cruelty" and treat them like a family.

Meanwhile, the programme in July endeavors to provoke the appropriate call to action whereby a wider audience comprised of public and corporate donors are led to participate in cash and kind and lend to the cause without ceasing. The 2017 fundraiser target has been set at RM100,000. This sum total of the proceeds will be evenly distributed among deserving pet welfare beneficiaries nationwide. Pawse for a Cause serves as guardian of the initiatives outlined above.

In Conjunction with the event's festivities, a series of activities has been crafted to welcome optimum engagement and entertainment. For adopters , there are adoption drive during the programme. Watch out for more information by visit the official Pawse for a Cause website ( or visit their Facebook : Potential financial investors or parties interested in making bulk donations, are advised to get in touch with Seema Subash at +6016 2363 197. 

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