Detox Your Way With Lemonade Xpresh To Kickstart New Year 2017

January 01, 2017

Start a new chapter of your life with refreshing "You" in 2017. Introduce Lemonade Xpresh, a powder foam lemon that keep me refresh all the time. Package in a small bottle, Lemonade Xpresh is easy to carry out with you.

Lemonade Xpresh  tagline " Absolute Freshness"  boost up your freshness energy level. Lemonade Xpresh content high of lemon & Vitamin C that need in our body. Lemonade Xpresh helps to detox and eliminate toxin in our body. Beside feeling fresh, I can feel my body more light.

How to Consume Lemonade Xpresh?

  • Prepare 100ml of plain water
  • Drop 1g of Lemonade Xpresh into 100ml water
  • Recommend to consume 5 times a day

Advantages of Lemonade Xpresh

  • Help Digestion and detoxification
  • Increase the content of Vitamin C in the Body
  • Rejuvenating and healing the body
  • Help to break down body fat
  • Increased energy and positive energy

If losing weight is in your resolution list, then you should consider Lemonade Xpresh. Consume 5 times a day plus exercise, you able achieve your ideal weight. Beside that, your complexion will getting better as Vitamin C is good for our skin.

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