Beauty Review: Canmake Tokyo's Best Collection 2016

January 30, 2017

Canmake has gained it popularity in Japanese cosmetic. Canmake has become a must beauty haul when it come to makeup. The best part was unbox the product. And this best collection come with awesome makeup items in this comprehensive box set.

This collection comes with blusher, lip serum, rouge balm, powder and mascara. I having fun try out all of this item.

Marshmallow Finishing Powder

A delicate powder that combines the smoothness of silk and softness of Marshmallow. Marshmallow Finishing Powder comes with a nice packaging and it's easier to carry. A perfect touch up on the make up and gives a perfect look. Creamy texture and it cover blemishes perfectly. Create the perfect sweet looking face. You definitely love to owe this finishing powder. 

Day & UV Lip serum

My favourite item as the lip serum provides a protection to your lip from this harmful UV rays. It keeps my lip look more plump and free from dullness. Non sticky feeling and it helps to moisture my lip.  3 in 1 effect (lip gloss, lip balm and daytime serum). 

Quick Lash Curler

With only one coat, my eye look more bigger and bright. It create a long lasting curl to my eyelashes. It comes with special double comb whereby the short comb helps to lifts the lashes. While the longer comb carefully separate the lashes.

Glow Fleur Cheeks

This is my favourite  color. Powder formula and it create a great texture on the cheek. Let's the flower of a smile bloom on your cheek 

Stay-On Balm Rouge

Moist your lip with Stay-On Balm Rouge to create a sexy lip. This lip balm creates a thin film that clings flexibly to your lips, non sticky feeling and long lasting to protect your lip. Come with different shades. 

Thank you to Canmake Malaysia for the sponsoring. This is the best collection that I ever have. For more

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