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December 22, 2016

I was busy with my blog last month and I feel so restless. Due to this, my complexion has reached the worst condition. I feel so sorry to my own skin. I decide to visit C.Michael London for consultation. Doctor suggests me to try C. Michael Signature Glow Treatment.

What is C.Michael Signature Glow Treatment?

The Treatment includes two procedures of treatment: Laser (Q-Switched Laser) and Facial (LASEMD).

Being one of the most technologically advanced lasers, Q-switched Laser is highly effective for anti-ageing and collagen lift. This treatment is suitable for pigmentation,open pores, pimples and uneven skin tone problem. This process takes only 15 minutes and is safely conducted by accredited doctor. The “Signature Glow Treatment” uses the state of the art cosmeceutical system (LASEMD) after the Laser session to effectively delivers the perfect skin rejuvenation procedure that accelerates cell renewal, combats free radicals, brighten and strengthen your skin. Currently C.Michael is the only one who owns this technology in Malaysia.

How long does it take ?

The “Signature Glow Treatment” effectively delivers the real glowing results after the 30-min procedure.

The procedure

Before doctor start with Q-Switched Laser, she will remove the make up and do a simple cleansing. Doctor perform Q-Switched Laser together with Rich-PTP toning by Tri-Beam. Advantages of Rich-PTP toning as it helps to minimize thermal damage on the skin and only destroys selective pigments, provide stable efficacy by equally delivered energy and minimize adverse effect and improve our skin conditions. Rich-PTP toning is safe and effective treatment and contains almost no pain. The pain actually is bearable . 

Secondly : Facial (LASEMD) is a cutting edge CDS which combines a sophisticated laser system together with its exclusive line of cosmeceuticals (LASEMD Ampoules). Doctor will select suitable ampoule according to your skin condition. Then LASEMED Ampoule incubating and follow by LASEMED procedure. Then doctor will apply the ampoule on my skin. LASEMED program is less pain and no anesthesia is required. You can see light redness on your skin after the session and will go off after half hours.

The reason I choose Signature Glow Treatment?
  • Safe: Non-invasive and safe for all skin types. Using FDA approved laser and light machines.
  • Fast: 30 minutes including q-swicth nd-yag laser + LASEMD facial treatment
  • Effective: For pigmentation, pores, pimples, rejuvenation, uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles.
  • No downtime: No swelling or skin peeling.
  • Medical Grade: Special and safe laser protocol created by accredited doctor
The result

I can see the results within a few days. For a best results, doctor will advice to complete a regimen of 5 treatments. After 2 weeks, I can see my skin tone more brighter and glowing. It easier to absorb the nutrient from my skincare products. It is advisable to do a facial first before start the treatment.

Skin tone more even

If you wish to try Signature Glow Treatment, just mention my name and showing them the poster. You get to enjoy referral promo @ RM299 (N.P. RM1000). You can trust on C. Michael London for their service. More information can be found at C.Micahel's Facebook

Current Skin condition. 

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