Malaysia No.1 Detox Juice : Passion D'tox

December 14, 2016

Have anyone of you achieve your desire weight before New Year 2017 coming? Counting down for new phrase of life, I have achieve my ideal weight and ready for next year wedding ceremony. Thanks to Passion D’tox, I able slim down in healthy way.

Passion D’tox contain of Natural fruits and fiber based ingredients. No added Drugs. No added Preservative & Chemical additives. Passion D’tox contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E that good for my complexion.  And Vitamin E will slow down aging process. What a fantastic drink that provide more benefits to our health.

What I love about Passion D’tox? Let’s us talk about the packaging first. A simple and nice packaging that give me a Christmas feel and suitable for Christmas gift. Good Idea right?????

The taste: Feel like drinking fruit juice and taste nice. Passion D’tox formulated to suit our unhealthy lifestyle. Contain 100% natural fruit and fiber ingredients that help to achieve sufficient fibre intake, smooth our bowel movement , helps to detox the toxin from our body, eliminate exceed fat in our body and maintain a healthy weight.

How to consume Passion D’tox? Consume 1 sachet daily and the best time to consume is before sleep. No worries of running to toilet as it will not facing this with Passion D’tox. That is the reason I love Passion D’tox so much.

My personal review: The first time I tried on it, I fell in love with this drink. It solves my indigestion and constipation problems. I can see a visible result as my tummy is slimmer and I can fit well in “M” size clothes. It boost up my confidence level. For best result, exercise will be best if pair with passion D’tox.

Bulging Tummy (Taken 2 weeks ago)

After 2 weeks: I able slim in healthy way and complexion for brighten.

Passion D’tox not advisable for pregnant lady or children but it save for breast feed mum. One box of Passion D’tox price at RM110. Passion D'tox is Malaysia No.1 detox juice. 

Photo Credit : Passion D'tox
More information regarding Passion D’tox can be found on their Facebook or Instagram.

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