Chun Ciou Hot Pot 1st Authentic Taiwanese Imperial Served-To-Table Hotpot Buffet In Malaysia

December 30, 2016

Touching down from the car, I was looking around for the restaurant name just to ensure I arrived at the right place. I keep looking around and when I stepping into Chun Ciou Hot Pot, I was impressed with the interior design of the restaurant. Love the dinning atmosphere experience at Chun Ciou Hot Pot whereby the design of the restaurant is elegance with abundant Chinese historic elements. 

Chun Ciou Hot Pot is 1st Authentic Taiwanese Imperial " served-to-table", hot pot buffet in Malaysia. This hidden germ is located along Old Klang Road. You get to experience the best Hot Pot from Taiwan at Chun Ciou Hot Pot only.

Serving 100% fresh main ingredients imported from Taiwan including their soup base. Their have 6 types of soup base - Sukiyaki, Lake Salt, Tom Yam, Tonkatsu, Spicy and herbal. If you love something unique, I personally recommend Sukiyaki and Lake Salt

They also offer wide variety of beverages and is refillable. They do provide plain water for each table. Impressive with their good service.

Special Selected Fresh Meats

Assorted Fresh Vegetables (Eggplant, Tomatoes, Carrot, Cabbage, Golden mushroom, Abalone mushroom, Pumpkin, Yam)

Signature Sauces

青葱 Green Onion
大蒜 Garlic
辣椒 Chilli
泰国辣酱 Thai Chill Sauce
水果酱 Fruit Sauce
沙茶酱 Satay Paste
酱油 Soy Sauce
芝麻酱 Sesame Sauce
豆腐乳bean curd

 4 steps to customize your Signature sauces (Golden Egg Yolk Sukiyaki Sauce)

芝麻酱增加酱汁的甜度 - Sesame sauce sweeter
蛋黄 增加沾酱的滑嫩感,能提升肉甜感 - egg yolk smoother
葱花增加酱汁的口感,吃起来更加爽口-chopped shallot:adding more layers to the taste
七味粉 使沾酱带有一点辛辣口感- shichimi:spicier

This is the recipe of golden egg yolk sukiyaki sauce. Hope you enjoy the unique sauce as I love it so much. A perfect combination that create juiciness to the meat while making the temperature just nice to stimulate your taste buds.

Steamboat ingredients - Varieties of fresh meat balls

芥未丸 Wasabi ball
芝麻烧 Hot sesame bun
章鱼烧 Taro fish ball
诚心丸  Sincere Ball
咖啦鱼丸 curry fish ball
芝士海鲜豆腐 Cheese fish toufu
芝士虾丸 Cheese Prawn Ball
虾球王 Premium Prawn Ball
红心丸 Red Heart Ball
香菇鱼丸 Mushroom fish ball
精品墨鱼丸 Premium cuttlefish ball
猪筋丸 Pork Tendon ball
鱼包花枝 fish and Squid mixture
火腿肉丸 Ham ball
白 鱼丸 White Fish ball
鲍鱼片 Abalone slice
百页豆腐 Special Tofu
玉字烧 Tamago
手打肉丸 Handmade meat ball

Braised Pork Rice - A hot bowl of braised pork rice come right on time. You can pair it with the steamboat ingredients. 

Overall: I was blessed with a sinful dinning experience at Chun Ciou Hot Pot. Chun Ciou Hot Pot delivers authentic Taiwanese hot pot Buffet that promising fresh and uniqueness in their ingredients.  Non- Halal restaurant. 

Price List :  

Adult Lunch  : RM60++ (Monday - Friday from 12noon to 3PM)
Adult Dinner : RM75++ (Monday - Friday from 5PM to 11PM)
Adult All Day Price : RM75++ (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday )
                                Senior Citizen get 20% off

Chun Ciou Hot Pot

Lot 306, Batu 3,
Jalan Klang Lama ,
Kuala Lumpur

Contact: 012 6882860, 016 5454348, 018 2776503

Waze :

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