The Reason I Stayed Loyal To the Entertainer & Recommended Dinning Places Offer 1- For 1 Deals

November 11, 2016

the Entertainer has become my best companion wherever I go. Entertainer is a must have app to be uploaded in my phone as I can't leave without Entertainer. I has been Entertainer user since 2015.

With the Entertainer, I can enjoy over 1,200 buy One Get One Free offers from dinning, attractions & leisure, beauty & fitness and even retail & services. Cool right?????? The app is simple to use whereby search for the restaurant / cafe - check out for their offer - redeem immediately.

This is how the apps look like and the instruction is simple and easy to use.
Choose your dinning place, place your order and then click one of the main menu when proceed for payment.


Settling on down for lunch/dinner at Ante is the right choice plus the Entertainer offer Buy 1 free 1 for main course.  Boasting an enticing fusion menu, Ante offers the delicious smoked duck salad, juicy pork rib eye or even their signature spaghetti. With Buy 1 free 1 offer by the Entertainer, I get to enjoy my favorite dishes at Ante and your get to enjoy the great saving by using the Entertainer app.

Started with Duck salad as appetizer and the ingredients really fresh. I love the juicy Garden Duck and the meat is tender.

For pork lover, you definitely will love their The Pork Rib Eye. The juicy pork steak will make you cry out for pleasure. The meat is tender and I really satisfied with the generous portion.

For the free main course, we order Pork Diane. If really a heaven the moment you bite of the meat. It have the complete pair with the white wine sauce. A must try on this dishes and you will agree with what I say.


Chatime brings a smile to you daily life with their variety choices of unique drinks. With the Entertainer, you get to purchase a large drink for buy 1 free 1. I always prefer brown rice drinks whereby you can decide your sugar and ice level.

The Reason I love the Entertainer so much

  • Greatest Saving 

I can't believe I have save up to USD 42 by using the Entertainer. If you love to trying out different things and enjoy nice food, the Entertainer is definitely will save your money in long run.

  • Buy 1 Free 1

  • Available all the time
No hassle in booking and you can use the apps anytime you want.

  • Enjoy a complimentary stay when book your hotel stay with the Entertainer
  • Enjoy more than 10,000 merchants partners globally.
  • Life become more fun as you get to enjoy more offers from the Entertainer

Don't be so stingy to share the good things with your friends and family and let them enjoy the great saving from the Entertainer. the Entertainer also available in book type and you can let your loved try out the vouchers. Unlock the Entertainer 2017 for a special price of RM75 . The purchase can be make online or using the Entertainer app. More information can be found on their website and follow the Entertainer on Facebook for more update.

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