The Correct Posture Create A Healthy Colon With Squatty Potty , Malaysia

November 03, 2016

Does you facing with any difficulties to poo poo? Does it effect your daily life? How can we make our colon feel happy?

I think most of you prefer sitting type toilet compare to squat type. Do you know, squat toilet are more effective and better for our health as your position can affect with which you eliminate. Sitting on the modern toilet, places your knee at 90-degree angle to your abdomen whereby it keeping the colon kinked and blocking the flow of waste. 

Introduce Squatty Potty toilet stool that designed to give us a smooth bowel movement. Squatty Potty is suitable for any age group and it help to adjust our posture for healthy colon. A simple packaging whereby you can carry your Squatty Potty easily.

Why I can't leave without Squatty Potty?

My bowel movement become smooth and fast. I too use with sitting type toilet and something I do face with constipation. If you have frequent constipation, this wastage will become a toxin inside your body and it will lead to colon disease. After the owner suggest me to use Squatty Potty, I don't have constipation issue. I love go toilet frequently.

The Squatty Potty original come in 2 sizes whereby it fit well my toilet bowl. It stores well under my toilet . Squatty Potty come in 3 types:-

  • Ecco

  • Tao Bamboo

  • Slim  

The Ecco toilet stool works perfectly for families of any size and is incredibly durable and easy to clean. And it is anti slip and safe to be use by children. 

Watch this video on how to use Squatty Potty (Video specially done by Me & Heng (Youtuber)

Squatty Potty has become important in our life and we can use for a long term. Squatty Potty can be purchased from certified pharmacies, HomeCare / Home Fix shop or order your Squatty Potty from the website Free Shipping when you purchase from Squatty Potty website. 

Spot Squatty Potty at Vitacare Pharmacy at Citta Mall
Healthy Colon : Happy Life

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