Stay Refersh With Adidas Climacool Shower Gel

November 09, 2016

I always love outdoor activities but one of the unpleasant side effects of vigorous exercise is body odor. It gives me unpleasant feeling whenever come to stink smell. Due to our tropical climate, we tend to sweat more especially we engage with any outdoor activities.

Introduce new Adidas Climacool Shower Gel which infused with its proprietary move-activated technology that transforms our movement into invigorating freshness. The new innovation of the climacool shower gel using exclusive fresh capsules formula that able cling on our skin after shower. This smart capsules formula kick into action upon contact or friction and breaks to release the zesty fragrance inside. Wow, I can constantly stay smell nice and fresh all day long. I love this new innovation from Adidas. 

Why I love Adidas Climacool Shower Gel?
  • Climacool shower gel content 3 products in one bottle - Body wash, hair shampoo and facial cleanser.  It save a lot of my bathroom space.  
  • Small packaging and easy to carry with us
  • The Climacool shower gel packaging is cleverly designed to put and end to slippery blunders in the bathroom. The variant for men features grips down either side of the bottle an ultra-comfortable hold , while the female is a gently curved profile. 
Climacool Shower Gel also specifically tailored for female and male version. 

Climacool shower gel for Male

Blending notes of lemon, mint and lavender, the male shower gel exudes an energetic and bold signature. Come in two different size whereby 250ml retails at RM10.90 and 400ml retails at RM14.90.

Climacool shower gel for Female

I love the feminine type smell as the scent for women is a zesty mix of juicy citrus and bright floral tones, emanating a youthful and feminine allure. Come in two different size whereby 250ml retails at RM10.90 and 400ml retails at RM14.90.

To complete the whole Climacool experience, of course you will love to put on climacool anti-perspirant deodorant or roll-on for long lasting dry protection and fragrance. The retails price for body spray is RM19.90 for men and RM15.90 for women. While the roll on retails at RM8.90 for men and women. 

For Female

For Men

I usually prefer body spray as it easy to use. Smell nice and I can feel the cooling effect when spray on my underarm. It does not leave any yellow stain on my cloth. Personally will recommend the climacool products.
Thanks Dee for helping taking this picture.

Thank you for the invitation and I having fun during the Kpop fitness and I love the refresh feeling after shower using Climacool shower gel. 

Thanks to Rawlin for the nice shoot. Awww

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