Public Listed S.T. Corporation Japan Brings Hokkaido Pure Clear Forest Air to Malaysia’s Mobile Space

November 16, 2016

It was a shocking news to me when Nielsen Global Survey of Automotive Demand shows Malaysia is ranked the world’s third highest in car ownership up to 93%. Indirectly we are expose to high pollution in Malaysia and it lead to unhealthy lifestyle. It is sad to know an estimation of 300 million children are breathing heavily toxic air, resulting in them to contract pneumonia and other respiratory diseases (According to UNICEF October 2016 report).

To improve our air been polluted , S.T Corporation went on to introduce Clear Forest, an authentic natural fir forest oil which provides air purifying effects for the consumers. S.T will be the first company bring in Clear Forest to Malaysia. Nowadays, Malaysians has become more concern to their health and Clear Forest able balance the way we breath.

According to Mr. Sorin Okudaira, General Manager, Clear Forest, S.T. Corporation Japan, " We see Malaysia as a potential market for Clear Florest as Malaysians are getting more conscious about health risks and the air they breathe". And on to Mr. sorin Okudaira statement "While the Malaysian Government does their part annually to prevent environmental harm, we also want to do our part by bringing in Clear Forest to help to clear the air. Malaysians, on the other hand, can also do their part by cultivating a habit of using eco-friendly products like Clear Forest".

Clear Forest is unlike other air purifier in the market as it is made 100% from authenthic fir forest oil which give air purifying effects as well as deodorant and antioxidant benefits. Indirectly our respiratory system will become smooth and it helps to balance the way we breathe. The forest fragrance emitted by the branches and leaves of fir trees, β-phellandrene can actually help soothe tension and reduce stress. 

How does this forest fragrance work?

The fragrance from the fir trees constantly cleans the air by binding nitrogen oxide (NO2) air pollutant to form bigger particles and then dropping them to the ground. In other words, the forest fir tree itself is an air purification filter.

S.T. Corporation collaboration with 11street, one of the largest online shopping platform in Malaysia to market Clear Forest air purifier to online consumers. The launching is a fruitful event and we will have peace in mind as Clear Forest will ensure the air that we breathe is clear. More information regarding Clear Forest, visit

Start a healthy life with Clear Forest and get it now from 11street - . It comes in two types: Home Use/Vehicle Use (36g) with a retail price of RM49 and Vehicle Use (32g) at RM39.

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