Gather Gather Kitchen @Kota Kemuning

November 07, 2016

I always love how food brings us together. For those that craving for Chinese cuisine, Gather Gather Kitchen will be the answer to your puzzle. Gather Gather Kitchen is located at Kota Kemuning whereby it tooks me 20 minutes to arrive at the destination. 

Gather Gather Kitchen combine authentic cooking recipes with eccentric charm that brings satisfaction while enjoying the foods. Gather Gather Kitchen serving an array of mouth-watering authentic Chinese inspired dishes. Some of their best ‘appetite busters’ include Chef signature Grouper fish head curry, Three spice chicken, Supreme soup with lala & fish mee hoon and etc. 

  咖喱石斑鱼头 Chef Signature Grouper Fish Head Curry

It certainly opened up the palate and left us anticipating what will be the next dish. The curry gravy is the key point as chef use natural ingredients to process the curry paste. The fish is fresh and it seem like swimming in the curry freshly. I just need a hot bowl of rice and pair with curry fish head  .

 啦啦鱼片米 Supreme Soup with Lala & Fish Mee Hoon

Stella from Food Ink mentions this dishes is her favorite and highly recommend by her. Agree with her statement and you would love to get your teeth sink into this hot and tasty soup. Adding in some Tong Kuai and Goji berries to give sweetness to the soup. Of course the fresh lala plays important role to create amazing taste to the soup. A must try for their Supreme Soup with Lala & Fish Mee Hoon.

Lotus Root Deep Fried With Salted Eggs

Oh gosh, I love this so much. My first time try on this dishes and I love the combination of the taste. Never though a clear and simple lotus root deep fried with salted eggs can create a delicious and crispy taste. I wish I have the whole plate with me. oppppsssss


I would says this is a unique to me as the dishes combine 5 different type of vegetables. A nutritious dishes that provide a balance nutrient to our diet. 

Nyonya Steam Fish

Beside the Grouper Fish head, you might want to try their Nyonya Steam Fish. Not too sourish and it definitely stimulate your appetite. 

咸蛋虾羔 Deep Fried Mantis with Salted Egg

Double Yum for this dish as I love dishes that coated with salted egg. The mantis were coated with this luscious sauce made with salted egg and it was simply divine. 

Signature Tofu with Fresh Prawn

If you prefer something light yet delicious, you might want to try their Signature Tofu. The creamy sauce pair well with the soft tofu. And the prawn is fresh.

Looking forward for this coming weekend ? Come early to secure your seat at Gather Gather Kitchen as the restaurant is packed during lunch/ dinner time. Follow Gather Gather Kitchen on Facebook for more updates. 

Gather Gather Kitchen (聚一聚小菜馆)

7G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam,

Contact No: 03-5131 5564
Business Hours: 10.30am - 3pm,
                           5pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Wednesdays

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