(Food Review) Jerold's@ Ara Damansara

November 14, 2016

Hello November, this round I going to introduce a new place whereby you can hunt for delicious food at Ara Damansara. Jerold's name after the owner name is a treasure trove of good food that serves array of delicious food.

Get ready to arouse your taste buds and savor array of unique and diverse taste. Jerold's offers Chinese, Western, Malay, Indonesian, Italian and Arabic cuisines. Jerold's manage to draw my attention when I step into the restaurant. A simple design yet cosy and clean environment to be dine in. The owner was generous in sharing his experience running the business for nearly 7 months. Started with fast food concept, Jerold decide to venture into different directly to provide more varieties to his customer . 

Country Fried Chicken (RM8.90) - 2pcs

Give a try on their crispy fried chicken. The moment you take a first bite, you can hear the crunchiness of the chicken. Nom...Nom...

Grilled Chicken Wings ( RM5.90) - 2pcs

Beside fried chicken, you also can order for their Grilled Chicken Wings. 

Nasi Lemak Hulk (RM7.90)

What make us proud to be Malaysian? Malaysia famous with their local food especially Nasi Lemak. One of the best restaurant serving nice Nasi Lemak is Jerold's. I love the homemade sambal and it pairs well with a plate of hot rice and crispy Country Fried Chicken. 

Nasi Minyak Terengganu with Gulai Daging (RM16.90)

Frankly speaking, it hard to hunt for nice Terengganu local food. Thank to the owner from bringing over Terengganu local food.  This dishes is unique to me especially on how they prepare the rice. While the Gulai daging is tender and easily to chew. Overall, this dishes is new to me and the portion is big.

Keropok Lekor Ganu (RM4.90) & Cucur Bawang

I never know Jerold's also serve Malaysian favourite local food like Cucur Bawang and Keropok Lekor Ganu. Wohoo, I so excited when both of this dishes serve on our table. The Cucur Bawang a bit spicy to me. 

Fried Chicken Skin (RM4.90)

If you prefer exotic fried food, give a try on their Fried Chicken Skin. 

Spaghetti Bolognese (RM10.90)

The key points in preparing a tasty spaghetti not only depend on the noodle texture but also the sauce for the spaghetti. This dishes is recommend by the owner.

Chicken Cheese Burger (RM7.90)

Burger always my preference when I in rush. Chicken cheese burger featured juicy and crispy chicken filet, fresh lettuce, cheese, fresh tomatoes and onions on a toasted brioche-style bun.

The Mighty Coney (RM6.90)

Their Mighty Coney is worth to try and it really filling. 

Arabian cuisine recently has garnered a lot of attention as the preparation of the food is unique and it brings out a nice aroma. If you looking forward to try on Arabian foods, Jerold's offers varieties of Arabian foods.

Chicken Kabsah (RM19.90) - 1/2 chicken

Chicken Mandy (RM19.90)- 1/2 chicken

Shish Tawook + Bread + Fries (RM16.90)

If you looking for some Western cuisine, you may want to try for their Fish & Chips or Chicken chops. 

Fish & Chips (RM14.90)

Chicken Chops (RM13.90)

Choice of sauce is Mushroom or black pepper. 

A wonderful meal will not complete without a refreshing drinks to sooth your throat.

Moheeto (RM5.90)

Citrus with mint leave & lime juice

Oreo Chocolate Milkshake (RM9.90)

Hawaii Breeze (RM6.90)

Ice lemon tea with lime and pineapple.

 Watermelon Lover (RM14.90)

Fresh half of watermelon.

Overall, I satisfied with the delicacies served at Jerold's restaurant. Each of the dishes is well presented with generous portion, making it worth for price. 


D-1-1, Jalan PJU 1A/4A,
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Business hours: 6PM- 3AM

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