All In One Cleansing Tissue By Lemuel Beauty Malaysia

November 13, 2016

Using only natural-origin ingredients, Lemeul Beauty all in one cleansing tissue that wipe away your makeup completely. Let your skin stay free from chemical products and Lemeul Beauty contains Rooibos Essence. Lemuel Beauty is a product from Korea and " Convenience Cosmetics in your Hands".

I believe everyone know that Rooibos is good for anti-ageing. The benefits of Rooibos:-

  • anti-ageing
  • prevents skin disorders
  • reduces bacterial infections
  • promote healthy skin
  • boots immune system
  • improves blood circulation
How to use Lemuel Beauty all in One Cleansing Tissue

1) Remove the tissue from the packaging and it contain 2 different pieces of tissue.

2) The 1st tissue that has grove lines and it helps to wipe away the make up effectively. The tissue is soft and easily to use. Gentle wipe on the skin. As you can see, it really remove my make up completely.

3) Then use the 2nd piece of the tissue to wipe it over the face and let it dry. I like it so much and it does not harm my skin.

Why I love Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue?

  • Marvelous as it does not harm my skin and it suitable for sensitive, dry or oily skin.
  • Simple and safe packaging to maintain the hygiene of the product.
  • Lemuel Beauty All in One Tissue using the natural fabric.
  • Contain natural ingredients that safe for our skin. You not even need any make-up remover, oil     cleanser, facial cleanser, face wash, toner, essence, moisturizer and eye cream. Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue can resolve all the problem. 

  • For more information regarding Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue, visit or visit their Facebook at

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