TTDI Park Is An Ideal Place for Pokemon Hunter

October 18, 2016

TTDI park still my favorite place for jogging, chill out with workout buddy and at the same time hunt for Pokemon. Yes, I still addict to Pokemon Go and current climb until stage 24. Sharing with you what type of Pokemons that I found at TTDI park. Below are the common Pokemon that will keep appear every 15 minutes.  


If you want to add in Gyarados in your Pokedex, this is the best time to catch more Magikarp at TTDI park. Magikarp will appear every 15 minutes. Exact location : Bridge that near to the entrance for the park. Good luck as I manage to catch a few within 1 hours.


This little cute duck also will appear every 15 minutes. If you lucky enough, you also will catch Golduck (evolve version from Psyduck)


Slowpoke is water/psychic type of Pokemon. Slowpoke will evolve become Slowbro once you have enough candy. 

Don't stop at the bridge area as you will be lucky enough to catch a rare Pokemon that appear suddenly when you take a walk at TTDI park. You can burn some fat while catching Pokemon. These are the Pokemon side sightings at TTDI Park. 

Ensure your bag contains enough Pokeball, Great ball or Ultra bag to catch the Pokemon. No worries as the park has 3 Pokestop.

Put you strongest Pokemon on gym and challenge the competitor Pokemon. The Gym level has reached level 8. Sorry my Pokemon has lost in the fight . I think I have to power up my Pokemon become stronger and unbeatable before my Pokemon can stand on the fighting ring.

Hope you enjoy hunting Pokemon at TTDI park. Watch out your step too when you are so concentrate catching your Pokemon.

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