Home Style Kitchen Asam House@ Bandar Puchong

October 07, 2016

Home Style Kitchen Asam House aims to impress even the most discerning Chinese cuisine purists. Talk about their design, it brings back some precious memories to me when look at the creative calligraphy drawing on the wall.

Arrange with marble tables and wooden chairs that given us a home feeling. Of course the food is the main topic for today.

Hunt down for their delicious and fresh seafood as the chef will not disappoint you with their yumilicious Chinese cuisine. Tuck you stomach with this fabulous dishes.

Boston Lobster Salad (RM 238)

Start your meal with a light appetizers that able to tantalize your taste buds. The juiciness of the lobster engraved a deep memories in my mind. The sweetness of the lobster meat pair well with the salad.

Scallop 6pcs (RM 32)

You don't want miss this dishes offer by Home Style Kitchen Asam House. A simple preparation of the scallops yet delicious.

Spicy & Sour Clams (RM 18)

Nom..Nom... My favorite dish when come to clams. The chef prepare the clams in different style whereby customer get to enjoy a mixture of spicy and sourish taste of the clams.

Fried Mantis Prawn With Garlic (RM 48)

How can I resist such a tasty Mantis prawn? Pair it together with crunchy fried garlic that able bring the nice aroma of the food.

Claypot XL Crab Cook With Rice Wine 2 Pcs (RM 88)

You going to get your hand dirty cracking, twisting the crab shell. Experience it once as you won't want to miss trying on their XL crab.

Assam Red Date Fish (RM 68)

If you love " Asam" cook style, you may try this dishes as is really open your appetite.

Braised Raw Abalone 3pcs (RM 88)

What I love about Home style Kitchen Asam house is the chef able cater their customer with varieties of choices that suit their own taste. If you prefer a bit of sweetness in the taste, braised raw abalone definitely your choices. 

Garlic Spicy Abalone 3 pcs (RM 88)

Minced Meat Fried Omelette (RM 16)

To me this is a normal dish but a simple dish usually is the best. 

Thai Style Garlic Squid ( RM 32)

Kyoto Ribs (RM 26)

Clam cook in Rice Wine

Boston Lobster Soup (RM 238)

Petai Squid (RM 22)

Bamboo King Clam 2pcs (RM 40)

The freshness of the crab actually attract my attention and I won't mine get my hand dirty on it. Full of satisfaction with their crab. Home Style Kitchen Asam House guarantee the freshness and juiciness of their crab. You can request the chef to prepare the crab in different style.

Pandan Leaf Chicken


金门餐馆 Home Style Kitchen Asam House
No.20 (GF) Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong

Business Hour: 10am-10pm (Daily)
Contact No : 03-8051 7107
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/HomeStyleKitchenAsamHouse/?fref=ts

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