Experience The Gentle Touch Of Nature With Betadine Feminine Wash

October 31, 2016

It is so important for us to taking care our V area and PLEASE DON'T USE SOAP to wash our V area. Our V area is the precious part and we need to take good care of it just like skin care. Some of you must be wondering why we cannot use normal soap to wash the V area. Over 40% of women use soap or body wash for their feminine hygiene need and this scented soap or gel actually can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the intimate area. Introduce my only favorite intimate wash " Betadine Feminine Wash Foam". I fall in love with the feminine wash after I try for the first time.

BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam and BETADINE Daily Feminine Liquid Wash using natural ingredients that making women feel confident and comfortable, promote an optimum environment for the growth of beneficial flora. It gives me peace in mind as I can ensure I choose the right feminine wash that protect my V area. Formulated with Tri-Care™, which features Immortelle,SyriCalm™, and Deoplex®, with prebiotics, these solutions maintain a healthy environment for the intimate area to support a natural pH balance.

  • Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum extract) has a long-standing history of being used for its medicinal properties. It also comes with a range of antimicrobial properties and is a natural antioxidant that repairs free radical damage and stimulates cellular regeneration. Immortelle serves as a natural anti-oxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture.
  • SyriCalm™ (Phragmites communis extract) is a natural active ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation. SyriCalm™ also reduces erythema, relieves itchiness, protects and improves recovery of the skin’s barrier function.
  • Deoplex® (Sacharromyces extract) is a natural extract that delivers effective odour neutralization. Deoplex® also contains enzymes that provide bioconversion of a wide range of malodorous substances.

Beside this three natural ingredients, BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash also contain prebiotic known as Biolin, which stimulates the growth of good bacteria and maintain the pH balance of our intimate area. Biolin provides the natural nourishment for healthy flora to thrive and stimulate their growth. On top of maintaining optimal pH balance, Biolin supports and restores the immune function and prevents unfriendly organisms from developing.

During the launching, Dr Liew Fah Onn, Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Assunta Hospital and Immediate Past President of Malaysian Menopausal Society said, “As there are many simple preventable infections and vaginal flora abnormalities associated with more serious conditions, BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash is gentle and mild; it maintains a healthy environment for the growth of good bacteria and provides the protection against feminine discomforts thanks to the three natural ingredients that form the unique Tri-Care™ formulation.”

Why I love BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam?

  • The texture is mild and it does not contain any chemical. The feminine wash come in foam or liquid type.
  • It easy to be used as it come in pump action foam format. The pump action format actually can help prevent wastage as you can control the amount of foam to be pump out.
  • It come in small bottle whereby you can bring it to travel.
  • The feminine wash gives me a refresh and clean feeling. I love the smell of the feminine wash and it comes from natural ingredient.
  • BETADINE Feminine wash can be used daily. Soap, parabens and colourant free.

BETADINE Daily Feminine Wash Foam and BETADINE Daily Feminine Liquid Wash are available at all leading pharmaceutical establishments and healthcare providers. The price range at RM30.90/RM19.90 (250ml/100ml) and RM32.90/RM9.90 (300ml/50ml).

For more information, feel free to visit  myfemcare.com.my or my.betadine.com/my/home. Do follow BETADINE Malaysia Facebook for more update. 

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