The New Dashing Adventurer 2.0 The First Breakthrough Innovation In Malaysia

September 04, 2016

Dashing has been my man first choice products. My man is an active sportsman and he do sweat a lot. When sweat evaporates off from our skin, sometime it will create unpleasant smell from our body. To maintain the hygienes, he will ensure he obtain high level in cleanliness or " smell good".

Dashing has played important part to raise his confidence level. Introduce the new re- launched of Dashing Adventurer 2.0.  The adventurer collection presented to you their new formulate EDT's, Deodorants and Roll-on fragrances.

The new fragrances come in sporty packaging gives the long lasting and freshness smell throughout the day. These 2 variants named BOLD 2.0 and EDGE 2.0. Bold 2.0 gives the aquatic scent with fresh, crisp and enticing fragrance. Layers of fresh green accord with earthy notes of patchouli evokes the mild, evocative scents of aromatic.  Bold 2.0 suits young men who seek for ceaseless adventure in their lives. 

While Edge 2.0 gives a layer of fresh citron, lemon rind and lemon leaf wafts seamlessly mingle the mild scents of geranium and greens. The hint  of cedar wood adds woody undertones. Finally a pinch of amber creates prefect yet lively blend that ends with blissful breeze of sandalwood and moss. Edge 2.0 is a fragrant epitome of men in their youth, the aspiring explores who are eager to discover new uncharted territories.

 Proudly to said Dashing Adventurer understand the desire and the needs of active, outgoing and trendy type of men. Dashing Adventurer introduces a breakthrough innovative within its dynamic product range- The first NO Gas deodorant spray in Malaysia. The No Gas deodorant spray can last for 2 months with 750 sprays per can if compare to conventional deodorant sprays that only last you for 3 weeks. The No Gas deodorant contain compact pure deodorant liquid it provides 6-in-1 benefits. my men no only can save in term of cost, consume more longer, quick dry technology leave his underarm feel dry all the time, prevent bacteria growth whilst providing unparalleled and everlasting freshness.

He is an active sportsmanship and Dashing Adventurer 2.0  play important role in his daily lifestyle.

After several attempt to other grooming products, my men stay loyal to Dashing and only Dashing understand his need.

Dashing proud to be the pioneer of NO Gas deodorant spray in Malaysia. Selling price for Dashing Adventurer Range :-

EDT 50ml - Edge 2.0 & Xtreme (RM 18.90)
EDT 100ml - Bold 2.0, Edge 2.0 & Pure Energy (RM 34.50)
Deodorant Spray 150ml - Bold 2.0, Edge 2.0 and Pure Energy (RM 18.90)
Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml - Bold 2.0, Edge 2.0 and Pure Energy (RM 6.50)

* all price inclusive of 6% GST

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