Official Launching of Liselle Tea & Food Review at Rare Art Koffee , Malaysia

September 16, 2016

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The moment I arrive at Rare Art Koffee, I was astonished with their decoration. Liselle art pieces really draw my attention as these depicted drawing make me feel amazed. Who is Liselle? ‘Liselle', the feminine character of a fashion illustrator portrays an image and personality of confident, elegance and charismatic that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers that has dreams to build and being ambitious. Simply stated, ‘Liselle' brand portrays the identity of shining dream, positive energy and intimating soul. This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle, ambition, thoughts and mind.

Lisa Lee, creator and founder of art brand LISELLE has ventured her journey back to Malaysia to line her new footprint in the art & design industry. Thank you to Liselle for the invitation.

Panel Guest: Ms. Nicole: Owner of Rare Art Koffee, Ms, Lisa: Founder of Liselle & Mr. Chua: Owner of 

"Fine Days With Liselle Tea"- the main highlight being the launch of Liselle Tea in Klang South is to partner with different entrepreneurs from Klang themselves in F&B, technology and manufacturers to create a new sparks in local art scenes together with Liselle Tea. Introduce 4 of Liselle Tea that come which unique packaging.

1) Liselle Blooming Scented Tea

2) Liselle Jasmine Green Tea

3) Liselle Lychee Black Tea

4) Liselle Rose Tea

You’d be surprised at how cooking with tea can enhance the flavor of foods, making a meal truly memorable. The many varieties of tea, whether green, white or black, and flowery, earthy or spicy, contribute subtle aromas and delicate flavors to many wonderful dishes. This is how Rare Art koffee owner, Ms. Nicole create a unique dishes using Liselle Tea. Impressive with the creativity and the food able bring out the aroma of Liselle Tea.

Spaghetti With Jasmine Tea

First taste impressions – Pow! Flavoursome, and in the best possible way. I enjoy a thickish Jasmine tea sauce to coat the spaghetti.

Smoked Salmon With Lychee Black Tea

To me Salmon fish usually a dry type especially . But the lychee black tea able brings sweetness to the taste. Something unique to me .

Lamb With Rare Art Coffee

A daring idea by using coffee to create the grill lamb sauce. The preparation of the grill lamb is just nice as it prepare in medium cook.

Blossom Green Tea Prawn

Taste it while the it still cool as you get to taste the freshness of the prawn with the nice aroma of green tea. Ermmmmm...

Apple Rose

Fall in love with the design and apparently the dessert taste good.

Liselle Tea can be purchased in For your information, Youbeli is a premier online shopping in Malaysia that offers a varieties of choices from grocery, electronic items, fashion and many mores.

"Dare to Dream, Dare to Shine" an inspiration motto from Liselle. For more information regarding Liselle, log in Liselle website at

B-3-18, BBT One, Lebuh Batu Nilam 2
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang, Selangor

T. +6 016 230 5593 (Ms. Lisa Lee)

Rare Art Koffee
Jalan Batu Nilam 2
Kawasan 12,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang, Selangor

YoubeliE-28-1, Jalan Multimedia 7/AG
City Park, I-City,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

T. +603 5521 8400/ +603 5888 8313

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