(Must Read) Don't fall into Love Scam Easily

September 17, 2016

Recently we heard a lot of scam news whenever we flip on the newspaper and this scammer still wonder around looking for the next victim. We have to alert from become the next target. Sharing with you some scammer trick as we do not wish to fall into their hand.

Love Scam

This is true story as is happen on my best friend. She knows this guy via social media and this bastard call himself " Chung Charley". Sorry to address him as bastard. He starts to flirt with my friend and mention he stay in California and staying with his mom. His father has passed away and ask him to take over the business and basically he mentions he is a rich guy. So happen my friend believe his story and attract to his good looking appearance. Then he start ask for my friend mailing address and contact number as he want to surprise her with some jewelry, branded stuff and so on.... Extend to naive stage, my friend believe him again. Oh goshhhhhhhhhh.   

After 2 days, my friend receive a call from a lady called " Fatimah" as the number appear on her handphone is 016 3949582. She told my friend that she receive a parcel send by Chung Charley and they have to quarantine the parcel due to sender deliver a huge amount of cash. She demand my friend pay SGD 1950 to create anti terrorist certificate....Bullshit and the best part, she believe it 

Happily the lady give her 3 different personal account . My friend so naive and did not event ask why need to pay? Why bank into personal account? Which courier or agent company that send this parcel? Why contact me via personal phone? This question never cross into her mine.

Account Name: Robiah Binte Abdul Wahab
Account No: 10-0063600-1 (Saving account)

Account Name : Siti Seri Wulan Bte Jaffar
Account No: 14030618288

Account Name: Winrsih
Account No: 270159222

1st Payment

2nd payment

When you have fall into the trick of course that group of gang will demand for higher amount. No once, but twice, third and so own. Then this Chung Charley so smart, he beg my friend to help to get the parcel back. If not he will die and ask my friend don't disclosure he is rich as he will be kidnapped. He use his sympathy to get my friend attention and called her " Honey... Dear" Yuck...such a sickening when I saw the message. Then he fake the courier company and the consignment note.

She only told me regarding this story once she done the second payment and the lady still demand for money. I told her this is scam but she told me she trust on Chung Charley and only Fatimah is a bad person. No matter how hard I try to explain to her, she still believe they guy. Even our conversation, she inform to the bastard. We have report to social media that this account is fake and the account successfully been closed . But he did not give up as he created the same account again. This bastard also add other girls in my friends Facebook. How we know he target other girl? We saw some girl likes his photo and we secretly contact the  girl and inform her this is scam.

Attach is the conversation that we try to find out from another victim. She stop the chat after we mentions this guy is scam. Hopefully she did not fall into the love scam. Sorry I can't review the girl name.

Once you have fall into the love scam, this bastard will ask you go and loan money or event borrow from a friends just to get the parcel back. If you now your own friends or family fall into love scam, please help them and prevent them make any payment. Anyone fall into love scam usually is unconscious and they will do whatever to help retrieve the fake parcel or even borrow from money from financial company (ALONG......charge with high interest)

What you should do??????

1) Ask this person send you the consignment note from courier service (don't care whether is real or fake as you going to clarified it)

2) Call custom and POS Malaysia to clarified/ check regarding the fake parcel. They willing help and provide advice.

3) Study online regarding the courier service company whether this company exist or not?

4) Search online for love scam trick

  • Courier valuable items like branded stuff, money
  • He loves you and please help to pay for the parcel
  • He will sweet talk with you like my parents love you, I will marry you, I will come your country to find you
  • He only will care about money as most of the conversation he will ask you help him pay, borrow money from friends and family, loan from bank, listen to the agent advice
  • He will not review more regarding himself as he will not waste invest on you.
  • He try to gain you trust by saying he also bank in money to the agent/ courier service
Bank name been removed for this picture

Think logical will a person paid such a huge money just to get back the parcel????????? Will a unknown rich until he send you free cash for you to invest??????? Will unknown person don't know how to transfer money via  bank?????????

DON'T BE SO NAIVE AND TRUST ALL THIS BULLSHIT STORY (opppsssss, apologize for cursing this guy) 

  • Oh ya... he even will ask you send him your sexy picture (18SXXXXXX) . He will keep it and use it to blackmail you back if you dont pay or trust him.
  • He using this number to contact my friend +1(518)2546869 . He will not call you or event dare use real time.. ....He don't dare to show his real face.

5) Keep ask more question about the agent
  • Which courier company or agency he/she works with
  • Her full name
  • Her office contact number and address
  • Ask her why should you bank in personal account
  • Tell her you will call back when you check with custom or courier service to confirm the parcel as he/ she will alert that you not easy to be tricked

My friend has save the girl (Fatimah) photo that she retrieve from phone. Be alert when seeing the same person call you (I'm not sure whether is a real or fake photo), She call my friend before using this phone number 01151141804. Why she need to use such a dirty trick to cheat innocent people?????

6) Try to ask help from authorize person like report to police if you find out you been scam. Don't take any action by yourself as you don't know how many people behind this case and they have your mailing address and phone number.

7) Track this person using google image to double confirm whether the scammer using the real or fake photo. No guarantee you can trace the picture using google image but at least you try this method.

8) Read more news regarding love scam so you will not fall into the scam trick


9) Attach the reference that I saw from google

Credit to Google Image

Credit to Google Image

Credit to Google Image

10) Set you friends list into private and only you can view to prevent scammer go and add your friends. Don't add your contact number or email at any social media.

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