Ten Years @Evolve Concept Mall

August 08, 2016

Ten Years brings to you the best local delights under one roof. This hidden germ is located at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara. Fascinated with their unique interior design.

A catchy poster hang on the wall as customer can get some idea what to order when they dine in Ten Years.

Why the restaurant been named as Ten Years?

In the simplest term, a period of ten years represent a generation or cycle of a business trend. Each decade carrier with it a significant identity that is powerful enough to evoke cherished memories by mere mention. Similarly, the name is styled to create a synonymous link to bygone eras, in the vein  of swinging 60s, groovy 70s, colorful 80s and nostalgic 90s. 

Otak Otak Toast (RM 9.90)

Give a try for Otak Otak toast as I personally like the fresh otak otak. 

Tuna Toast (RM 9.90)

Penang Lobak Platter (RM 15.90)

Whenever I go to Penang, I will not forget to try their Lobak. Now I can enjoy the delicious authentic Penang Lobak at Ten Years.

Chicky Slider (RM 11.90)

Ten years also serve Western Cuisine beside local delights.

Tiger Char Kuey Teow (RM 13.90)

Char Kuey Teow is the mainstay of Pulau Pinang and the Char Kuey Teow is highly rated by visitor and Penangites for it taste .

Cendol (RM 6.90)

Cendol is well known among Malaysian.  It would be good if the cendol can be served in bowl.

Pandan Coffee (RM 7.90)

Berry Cooler (RM 8.90)

Honey Lemon (RM 5)

For More information, log in to http://www.tenyears.com.my/ or follow them on Facebook.

Ten Years @Evolve Concept Mall
Lot EV-G-08 Evolve Concept Mall@Pacific Place
PJU1A/4, Evolve Ara Damansara 47301 P.J, Selangor
Contact: 03-78310996

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