L.O.V.E Bring Happiness To My Life

August 15, 2016

Suddenly I saw the light shining in my life and give me a hope towards love. The first time we meet each other were 4 years ago and he told me that he fall in love at first sight. AWWWW… I thought this "fairy tale"  only happen in the movie but it happen in my life.   

From a normal colleague we become best friends and soon he strike my heart. To me 2016 is really good to me as two happiness happen in my life. One day before my birthday, he arrange a casual dinner together with our close friends. I smell something fishy happen once I saw one of my friends appear during the dinner. My heart beating so hard and I don’t know how to express the feeling. After dinner, once of my friend request me to close my eyes as they have surprise for me. Okay…I was so silly and I thought a normal celebration for me as sharp after 12 midnight is my birthday.

Hey…hey… surprise, my so called boyfriend (now is husband) knee down in front of me holding a ring and a bouquet of flowers. Is a proposal plus birthday celebration. Yay, smart of him putting 2 wonderful occasion together. Burst into tear, I say “ I Do” to him. Whatttttt. …….only take a few second I agree with the propagator ……haha, this is what I called “ True Love”. His sincerity actually melted my heart. Wohooooooo.....I officially taken.   

Thank you to my sister Anfield for the nice drawing

Our journey does not end as the next phase of life begin and we plan for our R.O.M (Registration of Marriage). Life full of obstacle but we go through it together. Even our R.O.M dress tailor-made from Bangkok, Thailand. We went to choose our dream wedding ring from one jewelry shop to another shop. At last we end up at “ Goldheart” and choose our ideal wedding ring.

Photo Credit to Anfield

06.06.2016 is the wonderful date in my life whereby we tie up our knot at Thien Hou temple. We are blessed as our family members and close friends attend the ceremony. He might not macho as other guy but to me he is my prince as he has kind heart. What can I ask more from God as god has given me the precious treasure. Beside my family , he stand the important position in my heart.

My past is a lesson to be learned and make me more strong. Life is so beautiful and I see a rainbow in my life. Walking a new chapter is like an adventure to me. More years will come to me and I hope I can capture the beautiful moment and save it as memories.

Throwback our sweet memories that both of us build together.

 ~Thank you for Reading ~

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