Lacelle Diamond Daily by Bausch + Lomb Malaysia

August 16, 2016

Good news to contact lenses user as Bausch + Lomb introduce their latest innovation " Lacelle Diamond Daily", a daily disposable coloured contact lens.

Diamond always women best friend and Lacelle Diamond is set to be your " best friend". Lacelle Diamond design in a unique pattern that mimics the light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond. The event started with a welcome speech by Mr Jake Kim, Managing Director of Bausch + Lomb Malaysia.

Lacelle diamond daily comes in 3 different colors to suit your own personality or appearance.

  • Aqua Glacier - Alluring aqua sheen of glacier that reflects a fun, approachable and re-freshing personality.
  • Champagne Brown – Instantly light up your face with dazzling gorgeous brown. Provides a natural classy demure look.
  • Pink Rose - For eyes with a scintillating sheen that is distinctively feminine. Pink Rose is a classic symbol of grace and gentleness.

The crowd fascinate by the magic show before the official launching of Lacelle Diamond Daily. 

Thank you to Jane Chuck (Blogger), Karen Kho (Blogger), Venice Min (Model) and Kiran Jassal (Miss Universe Malaysia 2016) for the sharing session. I having fun during the event and I am Bausch+ Lomb loyal fans. Lacelle Diamond Daily will be available at all optical stores nationwide as RM 42 per box of 10 pieces and RM 110 per box for 30 pieces.

For more information regarding Lacelle Diamond Daily , please feel free to browse Bausch+Lomb Facebook.

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