Beautiful ME Time Workshop with Murad & Logo Fashion , Malaysia

August 23, 2016

Thank you to BFF for the invitation to Beautiful Me time Workshop by Murad and Logo Fashion. The workshop is held at Logo Fashion.

How well you know about Murad products? Dr. Murad is the founder of Murad and he has 30 years experience over 50,000 patents. Impressive with his capability that enable him to create such a good skincare products that cater every women need. Since 1992, all Murad formulations has been based on The Murad recipie to promote and protect skin health at the cellular level through a unique and rich mix of:

Anti -inflammatories

  • Calm irritated skin

  •  Neutralize free radical activity

  • Attract water to the skin

Murad products are color coded. 

Murad's Environmental Shield attract my attention as it can protect my skin against sun damage and restore the youthful of my skin. On a daily basic our skin exposure too much to sunlight, pollutant environment, radiation, stress and etc that can faster ageing process. Due to this situation, we need to ensure our skin been protected to achieve a healthy skin.

Murad also has 3 steps skin care regimen - 1) Cleanse/Tone 2) Treat/Repair 3) Hydrate/Protect.

Sharing with you 2 products from Environmental Shield series.

Advanced Active Radiance serum

Faster-acting formula with double the brighteners boosts radiance and reverses visible signs of environmental damage. Preserve clarity and defend against future damage for lasting youthful radiance

Texture : light and visible color

Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15

Our patented Skin Repair System stimulates collagen synthesis to help renew the delicate eye area. Caffeine and Tiger’s Herb increase elasticity and firm skin, while light diffusers soften the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

MuraSol advanced suncare technology is the highlight during the workshop. MuraSol technology is new method of delivering encapsulated antioxidants and only products that featuring MuraSol offer advanced level of protection.

MuraSol Antixiodant Defense is comprised of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E.

How many of us protect our skin using sunscreen? Or are we using enough sunscreen to cover our skin? During the workshop, we are shocked when find out not everyone of us apply sunscreen especially the eye area.

Watch this video and your answer will be revealed in this video. Fight UVA/UVB with Murad collection of SPF moisturizers.

Find out more regarding Murad porducts at Special thanks again to BFF for having me for this workshop. BFF is Asia beauty community and feel free to visit their website 

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