Wellness Begins With First Step By Choosing BoxGreen

July 14, 2016

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a smart choice to excel for happy relationship. Boxgreen is ready to lead you to sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Who says snacking is not healthy? Recently I am addict with gym lifestyle . After the post workout, I would prefer a clean and healthy food. As I searching for a healthy snack, I bump into this website called " BoxGreean". A unique name of the website with a squirrel logo on it really catch my attention.

A variety of healthy snacks to choose from BoxGreen . The best part, BoxGreen will provide the calories intake for their snacks. I quickly place an order for my favorite snacks and I receive the shipping within 3 working days.

I love their packaging as it seal in a small packet and easy to carry. It also can maintain the freshness of the snack.

Why BoxGreen is a better snacks?

The fun of snacking

Snack anytime and anywhere

Due to the small packaging, I can drop it in my bag. I can take it whenever I feel hungry.

Increase my work performance

A healthy snacking during office hour actually is a good habit. Healthy snacking actually will increase your work performance. Choose a snack that can provide at least one health benefit

Healthy Snack good for post workout

The body is inflamed and filled with lactic acid after an intense workout, so my primary goal is recovery. I prefer a healthy snack rather than take protein or acid amino. A healthy snack contain high protein and fiber that good for our body. Oh ya, healthy snacking is good for weight loss.

A perfect ingredient for Baking

Adding some flavor / ingredients into baking will make your cake or bread taste nice. Sharing with you my recipes for bread.

4 cups of bread flour
2 table spoon of sugar
2 table spoon of vegetable oil
1 and half cup of warm water
2 tea spoon of salt
1 packet of BoxGreen raisin
half packet of yeast

Put all the ingredient into a bread maker and let it bake in 3 hours.

A better snacking start with Box Green. Sign Up to BoxGreen and start enjoy your healthy snack. Follow BoxGreen on their Facebook  and also instagram : https://www.instagram.com/boxgreenco/.

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