The Benefits of Drinking Flower Tea

July 01, 2016

As a tea person, usually we will prefer a good quality tea. How do we define " good quality" tea? Sipping an excellent tea from Hi Tea, an anomaly in its own right, I ponder the meaning of “tea quality.” This is my 3rd post regarding flower tea from Hi Tea. This round I try something new whereby I blend different flower teas to create a new taste.


  • 2-3 pcs of ingredients peppermint
  • 3 gram of Jasmine
  • 4-5 pcs of French Rose

French Rose Flower tea

Peppermint Tea

Jasmine Tea
Brewing Instructions: 

  1. Place the ingredients into the mug
  2. Pour in some hot water to wash the flower tea and then add in 300ml of hot water
  3. Steep it for 3-5 minutes
  4. The flower tea is ready to be served.
The blending of this 3 different flower teas really taste good. Light tasting, soothing and refreshing feeling and I love the aroma of French rose tea and Jasmine tea. Give it a try and you will love the combination.

Regular consumption of flower tea not only enhances one’s beauty, improves one’s eyesight, eases one’s mind, they are also effective for slimming and helps in the recuperation of illnesses. Do you know the benefit of drinking flower tea? Let's me share with you some of the benefit of drinking flower tea. 

French Rose Flower Tea

  • Rose tea taste light, fruity and low in calories.
  • Helps to relieve the symptom for menstruation
  • Rose petal natural source of Vitamin C . As you know Vitamin C is good for antioxidant and helps for our immune system.
Jasmine Tea

  • I love to drink Jasmine tea as it has a good aroma and taste.
  • The scent of Jasmine tea promotes a sense of well - being and calm 
  • Jasmine tea believe can reduce heart attacks , a stronger immune system and prevent diabetes.
Peppermint Tea

  • Peppermint usually use as flavor and can be used dried or fresh in tea.
  • I feel refreshing after drinking peppermint tea ad it helps to boost overall health.
  • Peppermint tea can helps to improve our digestion, prevent inflammation cure bad breath and it a aids in weight loss and improve our immune system.

Now you know why I love to drink flower tea so much . For more information regarding Hi tea flower tea, log in www. Every flower tea come with food graded zip lock bag to maintain the freshness of the tea.

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