Pampering Yourself With OSIM uLove

July 11, 2016

Now I can say goodbye to body aches that haunted me for so long as my prince charming " OSIM uLove " pamper me with a comfortable massage. I fall in love with OSIM  uLove. OSIM uLove is set to become a hot favourite among households by combining three complementing elements to deliver an exceptional experience to engage and satisfy all the senses.

" OSIM has always been about delivering the highest quality of massage chairs that help our users to relax and recover from the toll of everyday stress upon our bodies,'' explains Ms Chia Sook Fun, OSIM's General Manager during the launch in One Utama Shopping Centre.

Renowed Japanese Chiropractor Sato Tsuyoshi has perfected a professionally crated suite of programmes that offer instant full body relief with emphasis on shoulders and the lumbar. A highly sensitive detection feature pinpoints every user's unique physical build to ensure that the massage rollers can deliver curative effects on exact spots requiring relief. OSIM uLove comes in a smart and sophisticated package that fits our our house design perfectly.

OSIM uLove in Dashing Copper

OSIM uLove in Handsome Brown

OSIM uLove in Dreamy White

OSIM uLove in Gorgeous Teal
Enjoying the massage sensation by OSIM uLove while experience the enriched timbre and delightful virtual audio effects come from the build in speakers. An innovative V-Hand with 720 Roller Balls emulates the agile hand-grip of a professional masseuse, Producing a realistic grip that is adept at extracting deep seated knots even along odd contours. Feel the comfortable massage from top to toe as uLove presents a delightful suite of massage programs, tailored to satisfy the diverse needs of the whole family. The programmes range form Full Body relief and Lumbar Pamper to Butt Cuddle, which provides an intensive relief for those whose jobs required prolonged sitting.

uLove Massage Chair retail price @ RM16,888. For more information, please visit or visit OSIM Facebook.

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