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July 22, 2016

I believe I can fly, 
I believe I can touch the sky, 
I Think about it every Night and Day,
Spread my wings and ride on NINEBOT 

Ride on NINEBOT Mini Pro

How I feel when ride on Ninebot P and Ninebot Mini Pro?

The most important tips, you need learn how to self-balancing  and overcome your fear. I pretty scare when the first time I step on NINEBOT P as it seem moving to me. 
The NINEBOT staff was so kind and patience teaching us the basic requirement. They ensure everyone of us safe and feel comfortable when riding on NINEBOT. Bravo to them and thumb up to their service.
It took me about 15 mins to learn and able to control by myself. A mixture of emotion as I was afraid and at the same time enjoy ride on NINEBOT. This is the unforgettable experience and plus is 100% safe and trust able products. I not over praise but is a sincere view from me as I fall in love when I master the technique. 

House Rule before riding on Ninebot?  :P

  • Understand the NINEBOT function before ride on it. Safety is the first priority.
  • Master your ride on NINEBOT P before your try on NINEBOT Mini Pro or NINEBOT One.
  • Learn the basic riding like how to operate the NINEBOT, move forward or even move in front.

Simple right ???? Let's start my first lesson on NINEBOT P

Why Ninebot ????

  Ninebot is operated by built-in micro-electronic gyroscopes and sensors which consist of one set precise and high speed accelerometers. These sensors will calculate the posture at the speed of 200-500 times per second and when command been received, it will move accordingly. In other work, Ninebot is smart technology.

 Perfect car companion that enable me to travel safely and freely from one location to another location. With its lightweight, compact, portable and affordable attributes, you can always have a Ninebot or even 2 in your trunk ready for any occasion for you and your companion. Ninebot is awesome and built mean for us.

  With double back up technology, Ninebot is most realiable and safest vehicle. No worries that your Ninebot will been stolen as you can put your Ninebot into lock mode . It is impossible for a person to carry it when it been turned into lock mode . It built with intelligent safety alarm system.

 Ninebot has been found to emit less carbon emissions than compared to walking. Ninebot practice eco-friendly environment. Let's join Ninebot as an environmental pioneer together with your Ninebot in achieving a greener planet.

 Ninebot is equipped with super lithium batteries, aluminum and magnesium alloy, dual backup systems, which result in an incredibly light vehicle.

 Ninebot is stylish and fashionable especially Ninebot One

Oh Ya...Sharing this cool video as Ninebot Mini Pro can control by the apps from phone.

OMG...I want to owe one of this Ninebot. Which one should I choose.

Owe your dream Ninebot now by log in and look out for more fun in their Facebook (  

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