The Secret of Magic Water By IDO's Clinic

June 15, 2016

IDO's Clinic proudly introduce their new product, Magic Water. Magic Water has become hot topic after it been released in the market.

What's so special about Magic Water?

  • Magic water is free from Paraben, SLS, artificial coloring and fragrances. Magic water is safe to consume inside our body.
  • Magic water is natural botanical enzymes and nano-peptides. The water molecular of nano size that freely penetrates through cell membrane. 
  • Stimulate the opening or cell channels, thus, increase the absorption of nutrients.
How to use Magic Water? Watch my video 

The result after using Magic Water.

I spray on the magic water before I put on my makeup. I also spray on one more layer after my make up. My make up stay longer than I expected.

Magic Water is safe to apply on sunburn or even  . I injure my hand when I was playing waterpark. I quickly spray Magic Water on it. Is painless and my hand healing the next day without left any scar on it.

My face more glowing and it help me to minimize my pores. Magic water always keep my fresh moisture especially I exposure more to air-conditioner. The best part, my t-zone is not oily after using Magic water for 1 weeks.

The Magic Water really impressive and it safe to use on baby skin or consume inside our body.

If you interested to purchase Magic Water, kindly fill in pre-order form or shop online via

Magic Water(210ml) only RM89.90 now (Origin price: RM128) and Free one Magic Water(60ml).

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