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June 20, 2016

I came across this unique website that able capture my attention. I fall in love with KindMeal concept as it promote meat-free dining. I'm wondering how KindMeal was ? The story begin ..... a kind heart person, Andy Koh founded PetFinder.My in 2008. PetFinder.My has been working hard with nationwide animal shelters, rescuers, and pet lovers to improve Malaysia's animal welfare. But is not easy to be a rescuer, as only a tiny fraction of animal lovers are able to be actively involved in such onerous tasks. How do they widen the circle of people in animal welfare, and make it so attractive and simple that anyone can participate? Thus, the concept of KindMeal was born.

How does this concept work?

These animals — be it chickens, cows, lambs, ducks, pigs or fishes, are equally precious lives, and deserve our kindness and compassion as much as our beloved pets. Do you agree with this statement? I agree with it and there are a wide variety of meat-free food that are delicious and nutritious, and more often than not, cost less than similar meals with meat. KindMeal is actively promote meat-free dinning and they collaborate with restaurants and cafes to offer attractive meat-free deals and cozy dining environments.

Start your meat-free dinning journey to show your love and support to save animals live, save health, save environment and save your money. 

More Coupon , More Discount

Oh dear.. I so excited and fully support  KindMeal. Select your restaurants or cafe that offer meat-free deals by click on Meal Deals tab . Or you can browse the restaurants or cafes that offer free coupon.

Click on "Get Free Coupon" and it will direct you to the restaurant/ cafe link. Share the free coupon with your friends on Facebook or twitter so that they also get to enjoy the meat-free deals. Sharing is caring, right???

By doing so, you get to encourage your friends and families member to save animals live. No print out is required as this is live coupon . Download KindMeal app on you phone and the live coupon is ready to use.

Mark your Journey with KindMeal

Delicious meal at Big Hug Burger

Big Hug Burger never fail to astonish me with their delicious food. I enjoy eating cheese baked pasta set that come with soft drink and mushroom soup. Satisfied your stomach with their cheesy wedges. You will not be alone having your meal as the big bear will always accompany you.

Cheesy Wedges

Cheese Baked Pasta

Start a healthy lifestyle with Raisin' The Roof

Raisin’ the Roof is a health & lifestyle cafe specializing in raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free foods and drinks. Raisin’ the Roof is not just about eating healthy but about educating, building and enabling a more holistic approach to healthy living.

Egg Mayo Sandwich & Carrot Quinoa Sandwich

Purple Pecan Pie

Chia seeds superfood power

Chemistry day with Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature

Are you a coffee lover? Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature served one of world's finest coffee (Graffeo). You will be delighted with their food presentation and it really mouth-watering dishes. A must try for their vegetarian wrap.

3D latte and Hot Latte

Vegetarian Wrap

Click here for more information

Saves a precious animal life by choosing meat-free dishes. Why not as you get to enjoy delicious food that will satisfy your appetite. Browse more in to enjoy your meat-free meal. 

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